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I just thought I’d put a countdown to some set, positive things happening in the near future.. I guess, for my self positivity and to let others know what’s going on really!

Saturday 23rd May: It’s kind of suckish because I was meant to be at Comic Con, meeting my friend, but that’s not happening now.. However, I am going for a meal with a lovely group of girls. It’s the Doctor Who Symphonic Spectacular, and though I won’t be attending, it’s nearby to me and a little post- symphonic meet up was arranged & I’ve been invited!

Sunday 24th May: MCM Comic Con with Mikela. I’m meeting up with my wonderful friend Mikela on Sunday at London MCM Comic Con, where I’ll be cosplaying Sarah Manning and meeting the fabulous  Kristian Bruun.

Monday 25th May: Half term! Unfortunately, not a study break, but a whole week away from exams, meaning less stress and anxiety, I hope.

Tuesday 26th May: This isn’t particularly doing something, but this marks a year since I was lucky enough to finally meet my idol, Jenna Coleman, for the first time at Doctor Who’s MOTOE filming. Also, I met my best friend in real life for the first time.

Friday 12th June: My final exam! This marks the date I am freeee (until September).

Wednesday 24th June: Not too sure on my general feelings about this, but the 24th is prom day! Hopefully I’ll look nice and enjoy myself, I don’t know. It’s my shoes that excite me really.. (They’re holographic and have huge heels!!)

I do, also, plan on seeing my friends from all over the place in this time, after exams, but nothing is set. This is what I have so far and it gives me a little hope. 

~Lauren xx

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