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Thorpe Park!

My mother had to capture the moment in which I looked tall..
My mother had to capture the moment in which I looked tall..

Hello! So, this post may not be much interest to you but on Friday, 22/05/15, me and my mum took an adventure to Thorpe Park. I haven’t been in a while which made it a lot better than it might have been, enhancing sensations of anxiety and excitement, but I also saw the park in a different light to two years ago. (Wow, has it really been that long?!)
It was kind of a weird day because I actually had an English Literature exam in the morning and proceeded to go to town for a coffee with my friends before even going home to get ready. My mum arrived home at around 12/12:30 (by which time I was ready) and by the time we left, we didn’t even arrive until 1/1:30pm.
The first event was probably the highlight of my day; Finding out I’m over 140cm! That’s a huge achievement for me considering I’m hardly tall, and I feel pretty awesome!
Once I got in, we went on that small boat racing ride because it was free which was fun, and then I jumped straight on the swarm- no queue at all really which was handy because my mum is bloody impatient and I love that ride. I think it’s also the most comfortable because of positioning of the seat and the way the straps (is that the right word) are, which makes it much better!

I’m not going to give you a running commentary of my day beyond this, but I will give you a brief summary of what I did and some brief comments/ratings about what I did..
The Rides:
So, I went on Swarm once, X: No way out once, Stealth twice, Saw twice, Colossus once and Tidal Wave once. In my experience, that’s a hell of a lot to get through, especially in half a day, but being term time I think it’s pretty decent.
I’ve already given my opinion on swarm, and that’s the one I most definitely recommend as the best.
Saw‘s another good one, but if you’re not a fan of the dark, you won’t like the first 30 seconds, which could essentially ruin the entire ride for you, so bear in mind that in the beginning you can see almost nothing and it’s full of drops and twists- literally. However, the worst part is quite honestly the queueing near the front because the atmosphere created makes it rather intense!
Next I’d say stealth, but it really is over quicker than you expect. If you don’t like heights or speed, this isn’t for you; It’s that famous ride you can see from the motorway and it goes from 0 to 80MPH in under two seconds (there’s debate as to whether it’s 1.8 or 1.9, so I’m not going to specify there). I do think it’s great though, you come off feeling lighter than air but 100% regret the ride’s camera because most of the time, everyone comes off looking terrified!
Another great one is Tidal wave, but you get soaked. Really soaked. And I was wearing a water-ride protector thing. Honestly, it’s been 3 days and my shoes are still recovering now! It is great fun, but even left last you’ll be a little uncomfortable afterwards, which kind of sucks.
X: No way out and Colossus, however, don’t have the best reviews from me..
X: No way out isn’t a ride I’d call particularly scary or dramatic! It’s a small rollercoaster, but physically it throws you about quite a bit. That’s expected, I guess, but it’s not so much that which affected me; If you’re a fan of lights and music, great- you’ll love this ride, but it honestly made me rather nauseous and anxious. Hardly my best experience.. But I know the nine year old girl in front of me claimed to love it, so hey, there’s a benefit!
Colossus was a strange one- it used to be my absolute favourite ride in the park and I found the corkscrews fascinating, but I came off, stumbling with a huge headache, feeling ill and with sore ears! I’m not sure why I responded so badly, especially considering my good experiences in years previously, but I’ve decided that ride wasn’t for me.

Of course, whilst I was there I also had to get some lovely, unhealthy doughnuts (a bag to share and not just to myself, to clarify!) as well as a covered apple and 2x yards of the blue Raspberry slush puppy! Oops? I have absolutely no regrets..

Anyway. There are the events of my day and how I rate my experiences. I do recommend a day out to Thorpe Park, and if you go, then I hope you enjoy your day!
Thank you for reading, Lauren x

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