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Recommendation! (Food)

The originals:
The originals: “We’re like S Club 7! No wait, there’s 8 of us..” -Abbie Copson.

So, on Saturday me and my friends went to the loveliest food place in Wembley! It was the Doctor Who Symphonic Spectacular day (unfortunately I couldn’t attend the actual show, but all the same, my day was great) which turned out to be an excuse to meet a bunch of my friends from around the country and just enjoy each other’s company. Out of the 8 of us hanging outside the front of Wembley Arena after the matinee show, 6 chose to go in search of this restaurant my friend, Shiri, suggested.
Now, for anyone in the south of England, it sucks a little as there are only three branches, but in Yorkshire and the North there seem to be tons!

Now, after that irrelevant and (not so) dramatic build up, all shall be revealed..
The name of the place we went to eat is ‘The Handmade Burger Co.’
Considering I’m not a huge food-y person, I was rather anxious to be eating out with friends and spending a sum of money, fearing I wouldn’t finish the meal or I’d eat too much or I wouldn’t like it at all. But do you know what? All of the worrying was for nothing! This gourmet burger restaurant served what I could probably honestly say was the best food I’ve tried in my life. The price isn’t too high either and the meals are an adequate size. I chose to get an Avocado and Bacon Burger, with an unlimited drink, which filled me up, but some of my friends got chips and sweet potato fries and I can honestly say, they looked and smelt lovely!

A group photo of the 6 of us who ate at the restaurant. Abbie (front left) tweeted this to the one and only Jenna Coleman. She favourited it. We died.
A group photo of the 6 of us who ate at the restaurant. Abbie (front left) tweeted this to the one and only Jenna Coleman. She favourited it. We died.

For anyone wondering, here’s a copy of the menu from the company’s website:

If you go here, you will not regret a second of it.

I also found that their Wembley branch was such a comfortable environment. From the moment we walked in, the staff were friendly and spoke to us until we made our way to our allocated table upstairs, they smiled a lot and the atmosphere was great. We were also asked about our day and an effort was made to make conversation with the customers and check up on the quality of our experience. It was just lovely.

After eating and chatting for a while, we headed off, thanking the staff but not wanting to leave each other’s company. I know this post is about the food, but I had such a lovely weekend I can’t not post a mini update, especially as it links. We decided to hop on the Jubilee line at Wembley Park and head towards Swiss Cottage, where we took shelter in what we call the ‘Posh McDonalds’. No, we didn’t eat again (well, I do admit to buying a smoothie, which was nicer than I expected, but other than that Abbie’s McFlurry was the only food presence near us) but we wanted to stay together and we’d been in that branch before, prior to meeting Samuel Anderson at the Hampstead Theatre (which, for me, happened, three times..) and it had plugpoints and seats. Probably not strictly allowed, oops.. We did buy stuff. Ish.

Anyway, I honestly had the best weekend I have had in a long while and it was a positive experience for me. I really recommend you take a trip to where I’ve suggested here, if feasible, and it’s even better with friends!

Thank you so much for reading. Enjoy. Lauren x

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