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I really can be really changeable, can’t I? I go from desperate to post every day to not posting a thing in goodness knows how long!


Hello! I just thought I’d be pathetic and say hello before this mini post.

I’m sorry that I haven’t posted for a while, to anyone who reads/enjoys/cares about this blog! Which I hope, maybe someone does a little.. So, this is a little update and a heads up about a future post.


Yay! You guys a short insight into my life. I’ve basically been horrendous at posting (excuses, excuses, Lauren.) due to exams, including the Edexcel GCSE Non-Calculator Maths paper that’s caused a bit of a social media outrage, to say at the least (and rightly so, that was a horrible paper). I’m not really 100% boring though.

I’ve been mostly focusing on exams, but I did attend comic con back in half term and I was lucky enough to meet to wonderful Kristian Bruun from Orphan Black, who was so so lovely! And he had an Orphan Black T-Shirt on?! Wow. I spent the day with my friend Mikela which was amazing (despite the fact we decided to walk from the Excel to Canning Town, got lost on a bridge, ended up in East India and then, after getting on the DLR back, realised how far we’d walked.)

I also got to see my Grandma who I barely ever see, which was great!

Other than that, all else I’ve done is attend rehearsals, but I hardly think you want me to dissect my Tuesdays and Saturdays.

Oh, and I measured myself! In a past post I claimed to be ‘under 5ft’ but I didn’t know how tall.. Yep. Still short. I’m 4’10! Oh, the wonders of looking 1/3 of your age..


I’m a massive writing person. I read and write whenever I can and don’t regret a moment of it. The thing is, I’ve always been anxious to share things online. I’ve been thinking, I might occasionally post short writing pieces on here, but they’ll be untitled unless I have a title for them, so if you see posts like that, it’s a writing piece. We’ll see. Also, I’ll probably do the same with quotes from my favourite books and TV shows, as I have before with Holby, but you can see the difference in the fact I’ll likely label the character/author/episode and put the quote in speech marks.

So. I admit, that was a boring, simple post, but this also means I’ll likely post a much more fulfilling post later today! Or early tomorrow. Depends what I decide..

Thank you for reading! Lauren x

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