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Raindrops on roses

..and whiskers on kittens,
Bright copper kettles and warm woollen mittens,
Brown paper packages tied up with strings,
These are a few of my favourite things

Hello! As promised, here I give you a ‘favourite things’ post. I hope you like how I’m trying to be clever with my titles for this set of posts already.. If not, I thought it was pretty cool so I’ll just hold onto that for the purpose of my confidence.
Anyway, I’m babbling. Let’s get to it.

This week’s favourites post is on music.

I don’t know why, but recently, I’ve not been listening to as much music as I might’ve liked to, but I’m definitely getting back into it.. So, here are some music-y things that I love!

I’ll kick it off with an album..
Drones by Muse.
I’ve been a huge fan of muse for multiple years! I was lucky enough to see them live when I was 11 years old (but not since..) and oh gosh, I still remember clearly, and love, that day. Anyway, this album came out not long ago and of course, I listened to it straight away. I don’t actually own the album yet, but when I have enough money to buy it, I will. But if anyone wants to listen to the album, it’s all on spotify. It’s a really good album and good old muse, so if you like any of their other songs/albums, I recommend a listen.

And now onto songs.

I’m actually going to start with my favourite song from the album Drones. That song, by Muse, is Revolt. As I said, I love muse, so I listened to the song whilst listening to the album and I can’t get enough of it! I just keep playing the song and oh gosh, it’s just brilliant. I love it.

If anyone’s interested in my top 3 songs from Drones, that’d be:
1. Revolt.
2. Reapers.
3. Defector.

The second song I really recommend is Hold Me Down by Halsey. I love Halsey and I swear, recently, I’ve just completely fallen in love with Ashley Frangipane. She’s just extraordinary. Anyway, Hold Me Down technically hasn’t been released yet and goodness knows when it might be in the UK, if it will be, but the audio’s out on YouTube! It’s such a catchy song and you’ll be dancing to it straight away, despite the speed of it. There’s a fair chance every single movement you make will seem x300 times more sexual, but hey, if you’re jamming to yourself you know you just look freaking awesome. BUT YES. Listen to this song, pleaseeeee.

Here’s a link to the Hold Me Down audio, posted on youtube by vevo:

My final recommendation is Body Talk by Foxes.
I got introduced to Louisa by Doctor who, actually! I didn’t really know who she was before October 2014, but she performed a cover of ‘Don’t stop me now’ live on the episode ‘Mummy on the Orient Express’, which I saw them filming for, so’s kind of special to me. I listened to a few of her songs and thought she was fab, encouraged by my friend Ruby who was already a fan. And yeah, I soon became obsessed! I’ve been following her ever since and Body Talk is another extremely catchy song..

Let your body talk,
Even when you feel so lost,
Spinning when the tears they fall you gotta just let it go.

And here’s a link to the audio:

So, here’s my first ‘favourite things’ post! Sorry if I bored you, but it’s just a think that I wanted to start doing. I do recommend you listen to the songs but I get that my type of music may not be for everyone.

I actually have a good few post planned out for this week, not to mention potentially spontaneous updates, so I’ll hopefully see you all soon!

Lots of love, Lauren xx

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