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Tubeman Le Bon

Yeah, let’s forget the title, thank you. My creative hat seems to have blown off of my head and into a distant land today.. Hello lovelies! So, remember I mentioned that ‘spontaneously posting’ thing.. Apparently, that’s come around a lot sooner than I expected!  So, today I went to London for the afternoon (and had a lovely day with my Mamma) but on the way home, whilst I was muttering complaints about the hell of rush hour, something strange happened.. Well, not so much strange, but funny and weird.  My mum and I were debating whether it was best to get the Piccadilly line Northbound or Southbound, changing for the Victoria line at Green Park or the Northern line at Leicester Square. Being equally busy, we eventually concluded the northern line would be best, but not managing to squeeze on a train or get even close to the front, we began to regret our decision. After a while of being impatient, the information board flashed, telling us the next tube wouldn’t be for another eight minutes. I clearly remember telling her I wasn’t having any of that, before crossing the chaos to travel to Green Park. Just then a tube pulled up and I continued to murmur about the crazy people who’d choose to work in London (to be honest, I’ll probably end up doing so myself.. I was just frustrated by the lack of capacity to breathe) whilst stepping onto the carriage, behind my mum and infront of a tall, suited man. As the doors began to close, a woman further along the carriage, lucky enough for a seat, began to take pictures. I assumed she was maybe a tourist shocked at how packed it was, bearing in mind my boob was pressing into the side of this much taller man’s, a stranger’s, side and as the train set off, we were literally rubbing against each other awkwardly and trying to keep in our own personal bubble; I then came to the conclusion that was a little odd and I looked up. I saw a man with a vaguely familiar face and noticed his eyes were fixed on a document, resting atop a newspaper in his hand. Being nosy (I’m not nosy, I promise, but I couldn’t resist today..) I took a glance at what he was reading. An official document about Duran Duran. Between myself and my mother, it hit us. I was standing next to, nudging into, sweeping against, Simon Le Bon. This wasn’t a huge fangirl moment for me as I’ve only really listened to a few of their (Duran Duran’s) songs, but I found this pretty cool! Anyway, as I went to get off, he lifted his arm for me to walk under (it wasn’t hard, the top of my head was lower than his shoulder height) and I shuffled past him off the tube.  Yet, the whole time I was thinking about the episode of Doctor Who, ‘Cold War’,  where Jenna Coleman (as Clara Oswald) sings ‘Hungry Like The Wolf’… Anyway, I just thought this was a pretty cool thing and it’d be good to write a post about it! Sorry if my anecdote bored you, though. It was an unplanned recollection of one of today’s events.  Also, most importantly: It’s my good friend Ruby’s birthday today! Please tweet her @soccermomalison with some birthday love! Thank you, if you do.  Thanks for reading! Lauren xx

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