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Post exam stress?

Well, the title of this post pretty much covers what I’m writing about. I’ve found that now my exams are over, my mind’s in a worse off state than it was during the exam period, which I just find pretty strange. I mean, I’m aware a majority of my feelings in general are not caused by exams at all, but the pressure I’ve had, and I’m sure others have had, around this time, has hardly helped things so I expected I’d be able to sort of.. wind down. My stress levels at the moment, however, are just through the roof. Though I hate to admit it, I broke down just twelve hours after my last exam (yep, I was up at 3am.. My sleeping pattern’s a mess.) and I 100% blame it on stress. I really don’t know what it is- my guess is it’s a lot of suppressed emotions surfacing- but this feeling is noooot pleasant.

I’ve managed to make myself (unintentionally, of course) physically sick and I know it’s down to stress. I’ve been like this since Friday night and it’s only just slightly going away, so, this is not cool with me. I hope no one else has experienced this.

So, why am I so stressed when I should feel free?

I honestly don’t know, and I think that’s stressing me out more.. Not knowing. 

Can anyone relate to this? I assume someone would be able to, somewhere, but I really hope anyone reading this doesn’t/hasn’t experienced it.

Wow, stress sucks.

Anyway, I hope everyone’s staying positive because you can all get through this life thing. Stay strong all you muggles, Wizards, timelords and whoever else may be reading!

Lauren xx

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