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My Happy things!


I wanted to write a ‘My happy …’ post because I’ve managed to identify a lot of things that give me a more positive outlook, be it odd numbers or hand sanitisers, so I thought I’d write a little post on it. It also means that you can get to know me a little better! So, here are my happy things!

My happy place: Cardiff.

My happy colour: Purple.

My happy number: 3 or 21.

My happy smell: Grapefruit.

My happy episode*: Journey to the centre of the TARDIS/Mummy on the Orient Express.

My happy book: Me Before You**/Of Adoration and Chaos***.

My happy programme: Holby City/Mock the Week.

My happy film: Wizard of Oz/Monsters Inc.

My happy item: My bunny blanket****

*Of Doctor Who

**Though it 100% wrecks me every single time I read it!!

***Though it’s not technically a book. It’s published online, but it’s my happy story, I guess.

****Rather than a teddy, when I was little I had a blanket, a blanket covered in bunnies and I don’t like sleeping without it, still, if I can avoid it. It’s so comforting for me.

So! There are my happy things. What are yours? Do we have any happy things the same or similar? Comment, or tweet me @laurbethany in response, if you like!

I hope you all have certain things, like I do, that make you happy. A place to visit, maybe a song to listen to or a film to watch. Anything, as long as it makes you happy. 

Lots of love, Lauren xx

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