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A little update

So, hello. I really want to start getting back into blogging. I don’t know if I had an impact on anyone’s lives or anyone enjoyed what I had to say, but I enjoyed it from the moment I made storiescanmakeusfly. I’ve just been gone for so long that I haven’t found the way to get back into it or the right time.

In honesty, I don’t know why I stopped. Lack of motivation? Time? Confidence? I think a little of all three. But I just thought I’d do a little update, written in the form of bullet points (probably including some pictures) of stuff that’s been happening since I distanced myself from blogging. Because of who I am, I obviously won’t get too personal with things, so this is more a boring events post thingy. If you’re reading this, enjoy!

(Note: if there are any of these you want me to do a blog on, just ask. I had some planned out before but never wrote/posted them but I may be willing, from choice or request)
-Prom! At the end of June 2015, I attended my year 11 prom. It was actually a lot better than I expected.

 -Wizard of Oz. I was a principal dancer in the production of the Wizard of Oz at Watford Palace theatre at the start of July and it was one of the most positive experiences to happen this year.

-Cats. I finally saw the musical ‘Cats’ (on their UK tour) after being on the fence for some time. It’s currently one of my favourite musical and not only did I see it in July but the end of August, in Blackpool, too.

-West End Kids revue- shows with WEK (training) are always fun and I love performing.

-LFCC. If you know me, you know I love to go to Comic Cons. I went to London Film and Comic Con in July, meeting my friends and the absolute queen that is Hayley Atwell.

 -NCS. I signed up for the National Citizen Service, which allowed me to meet the most amazing people this summer.

-NCS Week 1- Wales. We stayed at Abernant Lake Hotel and it was extraordinary.

-Week 2. Camping was an interesting one but it was weirdly fun and created some fab memories.

-For two weeks we worked with an amazing Charity called homestart. Check out our JustGiving page

-Centre Parcs. I went on holiday to centre Parcs, Longleat with my best friend and her family and it was honestly remarkable.

 -Results day- I’m so happy with my results! They were worth the effort. I got an A*, 3 As, 2Bs and 4 Cs! My top results being those I’m continuing/need for my A levels. The A levels I’m doing are English Literature, Classical Civilisation, History and Government and Politics.

-Back in Blackpool. My favourite place (blog/s to come)

-Sixth Form. Starting sixth form and a levels was a thing.

 -Lee Mead! I’ve loved lee mead for years and finally got to see him live

-Halsey. I saw my queen in concert (and at Badlands Hair)

-oh, and my Medical drama obsession continues- Holby & Casualty for the win!

I’m not really boring (well I might be, but I’m not sure I want to know the truth about that) but I was very brief there. As I mentioned before, this is because I do want to blog/post blogs of these experiences in the full and they wouldn’t be interesting if I gave it all away here!
Anyway, whether you want me here or not, I’m back and hopefully ready to write some engaging (or at least half decent) posts!

Love Always, Lauren xx

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