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Bumble bee of positivity 

Hello! This post is a little more personal and kind of about spreading positivity. It may seem like ramblings to you, but to me, it’s much more.
I don’t know where it started, but I’ve had this thing, for a while, about bumble bees.

Yes, I know I’m a fan of Me Before You (totally not freaking out over the fact I’m seeing Jojo Moyes in the flesh tomorrow) but no, Lou’s bee tattoo was not where this obsession stemmed from. It did maybe enhance it slightly as, in some way, it made it more positive due to the book and character’s impact on me, but anyway, moving on.
So, I have thing about bees. I frequently call them ‘bumble’ bees and that frequently gets me called up on my ‘childish’ language, which I think is a little irrational because let me put this straight- I’ll call these fluffy sunshines whatever I want.

Bees… They just make me feel more positive. It started off with me doodling a bee on my folder or planner, maybe even part of my body when I was feeling sad, down or maybe unable to focus. It meant something, but at the time I wasn’t quite sure what. Then, that adapted to me drawing bees on myself and others (occasionally with a trail made of a dotted line around it or in the shape of a heart) when I felt sad but it soon escalated into a symbol of hope for me. I always have a bee on my hand, wrist etc, somewhere visible enough or with meaning, or the ability to draw one at least and it’s an idea I’ve, somewhere in the past year, started to (try to) spread around. A lot of my friends will know I do this, I’ve probably drawn on them or at least tried a billion times, sent them a bee emoji or subtly made other bed references, but this is the meaning. The bee, to me, symbolises happiness and hope. If I am with a bee, it gives me the strength to carry on and look forward with a positive outlook.

This is the famous/signature bumble bee. I always draw them the same, like…


Same bee, see.

I actually got called a ‘positive little bumble bee’, in reference to my aim (I’m not very good at it, but I try) to spread positivity and make people happy, by someone in my class in the first English Lit a level lesson, and I did have a bee on my hand but they didn’t know the meaning at all- it made me really happy.
I’m sorry if this bored anyone or you think I’m just stupid, but yeah. The bumble bee of positivity. I hope you can use this bee too (if it may help) and I’m sending you all three (my lucky number) virtual bees of positivity! Thank you. Lauren xx

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