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World day of Bullying prevention

Today is world day of bullying prevention. I hate to still be saying that bullying is an issue many tackle daily and an issue that I do and always will feel very strongly about. We shouldn’t need to have a day dedicated to prevention as it shouldn’t be a struggle that, possibly more than not, children and adults have to go through, but since society is not the nicest place, I’m supporting world day of bullying prevention.

As someone who has had to experience this for a lot of my life, I know how horrible being bullied is, whether it’s extreme or minimal- either way, it’s still hurtful. Bullying has more damaging effects than the bully could imagine, that those watching could imagine, so please make a change. My opinion, I’m sure, would be the same having been a victim or not.

Make a stand, we need to take action. Don’t be a bystander. Think before you speak/act. Spread kindness. STOMP OUT BULLYING.

Hayley Atwell supports stomp out bullying... Wear blue for anti-bullying.
Hayley Atwell supports stomp out bullying… Wear blue for anti-bullying.

Although this post may be brief, sometimes less says more. It’s time to spread some happiness in this world.

Love always, Lauren xx

(And remember anyone who wants to contact me can find me on Twitter @laurbethany and Instagram @meridaoswald- if you want to talk to me, I’ll always be here.)

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