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What does it mean to ‘beam’?

The video game ‘Animal Crossing: Wild World’ says that ‘We can’t let the sun outshine us! We have to beam, too!’  What does it mean to beam like the sun? Who shines like the sun?” – Four Seasons of Creative Writing.

What does it mean to beam like the sun?

I don’t think I can speak for everyone in this post, but I hope I’m able to reach out to at least some people with this concept. ‘Beaming’, I guess, means something different for everyone. Some people strive in education, some in sport, some even literally beam (and stand out) physically be it due to their clothes or something about them. I like to think maybe my hair makes me beam a little. But obviously, you can’t judge someone on the colour of their hair or what they wear. I believe, to beam, is to try your best and to reach out to yourself, more than anyone, but others too- beaming is being the best person you can be. Whether your best is climbing Mount Kilimanjaro or whether it’s getting out of bed, getting yourself some water, looking after yourself, it’s still your best. As cheesy as it sounds, your best is all that can be asked of you and it is more than good enough. Sometimes we struggle and sometimes we shine; These periods of time can last however long they play out to be but ‘beaming’ to me is being at the peak of who you can be in that time and place.

Beaming is being your own sunshine. “I look good today!”, “That was a  great essay that I’ve just written.”, “Maybe I didn’t hit all of the right notes, but I’ve worked on this piece and I’m improving.” Notice your strengths- and don’t say you don’t have any. Hypocritically, I’m the sort of person that would, but don’t. “Hey, I’m breathing!” would even be good. Anything. And believe it- believe in yourself because, honestly? You are so so capable of extraordinary things.

Beaming is being someone else’s sunshine. Give them a hug, say something kind, be kind, help them out, do something that will make their day. However small an action, you’re capable of being someone’s sunshine- you likely already are without knowing it. Giving your friend a hug and telling them you love them could very well save their life and it’s fairly likely your simple actions do just that. But you are able to beam by giving others the light and positivity in their life to get through- A lot of the time, you being around (even if not physically) is more than enough.

Who shines like the sun?

Again, I’m unable to speak for others here, so this is a much more personal subheading in a way.

My family; My mum and dad, my grandparents, my sister, my aunt and uncles, my cousins. Whether I see or even talk to them (which generally happens and I’m super grateful about that), the big and little things they do and say mean a lot to me, but more than anything, their presence and knowing I’m not alone does too.

My friends; I know this is quite general but you know who you are (and don’t doubt it). The comments made, the endless supply of hugs, the acceptance, your weird obsessions (I think this is where we specifically look to Kajal for her attachment to hand dryers, here) and your presence. Knowing you are here makes me happier than anything.

My idols/inspirations; Aside looking up to my friends and family too, I look up to a few people for many reasons. My sunshines are Jenna Coleman, Niamh Walsh and Camilla Arfwedson, who make my day and give me endless supplies of positivity and happiness whether they know it or not. I’m inspired on a daily basis, but not only to peruse the career I wish, but to be as kind as they appear to be, to keep going and never give up on life or anything and to someday, be a role model myself.

People beam when they smile; Having positivity, even when it’s not there, may be one of the hardest things, but a smile is likely to change the mood of someone, even yourself despite how you may feel. I’m not saying this is a magic trick and I’m not saying smiling cures all, but it will help someone out there. Don’t be afraid to be happy.

This post was inspired by ‘Four Seasons of Creative Writing’ and ‘Animal Crossing: Wild World’, so, credit where it’s due. Written by Lauren Curr. 

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