Travel Journal: Amadores.

During the Half term holidays, I went to Amadores, Gran Canaria and it was just amazing. The views were extraordinary, the weather was extraordinary and it was just a wonderful holiday with a good balance of work (I made sure to keep up with revision and any essays due whilst away, otherwise I think I would have been in more of a panic than I already was) and rest. I’m not going to post a detailed travel journal of this particular trip, but what this post is really about is the photos. It’s a photo collection of some of the beautiful scenes I saw whilst abroad. So, here they are! I hope you enjoy viewing them.


So! Here they are. I apologise for including a few pictures of myself amongst them but I thought i’d give you a selection of scenery, food displays, family photos etc. I hope they’re nice to look at as this holiday really was beautiful and peaceful and honestly lovely. I may or may not be attempting to convince my family to go back there next time we have the money to go on holiday…

Riu Vistamar Amadores was such a wonderful hotel and the staff were all lovely so if you’re looking to go to Gran Canaria, here’s an idea!!!

I just want to clarify that all pictures here are my own and feel free to share them but it would be nice if I was credited because i’m pretty proud of these pictures, but I don’t mind.

I hope you all have a chance to relax/go on holiday, wherever it is, and I also hope you’ve enjoyed this photo album style post! Love always, Lauren xxx

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