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A week of positivity.

Obviously, we all have our good days and bad days, but I think it’s impossible to say a day is solely good or bad. We have ups and downs in a day, however we feel and whether they’re evident or not, but why focus on the bad? Unless, of course, it helps us or allows us to learn. Inspired by Louise’s Twitter thread that she started posting last month, I thought I’d back track a week and share 5 positive points per day about my week. Here goes:


1. Rehearsals.

2. Being alive.

3. Being surrounded by my friends/family.

4. However tiring it is, being lucky enough to have an education and learn stuff every day.

5. Studying my favourite subjects at A level (rather than having to sit through lessons of painfully understanding and enjoying nothing).


1. Holby City.

2. Rehearsals.

3. The satisfaction of finishing an essay.

4. Being alive.

5. Being surrounded by my friends and family.


1. Handing in an essay I stressed about.

2. THE LETTER IN PERSUASION. We finally read it in class. I cried.

3. Being alive.

4. Rehearsals.

5. Motivation from Niamh Walsh.


1. Rehearsals.

2. Teacher panto with my fabulous friends.

3. Seeing my grandma.

4. Shopping & buying things for other people.

5. Understanding and having answers for everything on the classics paper.


1. Community Christmas party.

2. Rehearsals.

3. My friends dressed as elves.

4. Looking after my fave little ones (babysitting, in simpler terms).

5. Making friends with the lovely Peter who shared his poetry with me. Merry Christmas! I pray he’s not alone.


1. First Saturday off! Supposedly relaxing.

2. Being alive.

3. Friends and family.

4. Coffee.

5. I decided to make a bit of a change… Coming soon.



2. This year, for my (technically) second Christmas revue, I wasn’t injured and could perform (and in all of my numbers).

3. Seeing my friends.

4. My family came to watch.

5. There wouldn’t be a show if the lovely chaperones didn’t help us out! Thank you to them.

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I think we should all be inspired to follow Louise and share our 5 positive moments of the day, however eventful the day may be (as you can see through the ranging generic and specific reflections). And obviously, I’m grateful for so much more but here are at least 5 specific examples.

Thank you for reading and stay positive! For more positivity feel free to read my bumble bee of positivity post and reflection on what it means to ‘beam’.

Love always, Lauren xxx

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