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Brunch date. 

Hello! This post is sort of a reccomendation post in the form of journal of my day, since it was a really enjoyable day and I don’t think I’ve done one of these since the Doctor Who symphonic spectacular (in May), so I hopefully don’t do it too frequently.

Friday 18th December

I do love seeing my friends at school and A levels can be enjoyable (ish) but waking up, it was quite relieving to know I hadn’t a stressful, jam packed day ahead of me. I decided (being the stingey person I am- okay, that’s a joke- I was just saving money for later that day and to buy people Christmas presents) to take the tube the entire way into London, rather than the fast train & a one stop tube journey, from the ‘underground’ station (Watford met as many call it) which took about an hour longer than the other option. Though it didn’t impact others I was meeting, it just meant I needed to be ready earlier. The boring breakdown of my journey goes as so: Watford – Harrow on the hill (swapping to get on an Aldgate train rather than Baker Street) – King’s Cross St Pancras – Euston (to swap Northern line branches) – Chalk Farm. And on the way back: Chalk Farm – Oxford Circus – Harrow & Wealdstone – Bushey. 

I arrived at Chalk Farm station just after midday, where Shiri was waiting for me. For a long time, we’d discussed going to Greenberry’s in Primrose Hill, having walked past it when we last visited Primrose Hill and finally, two days before (with provisional plans to see each other before Christmas time- it’s shocking how, now, we live close yet I still rarely see my friend) we made a reservation for the nice little café. So we walked across the bridge and onto the street the café calls home, where we waited for a little while because (despite our slow walking), we turned up early and the idea of walking into a 12:30 booking at 12:25 caused undesirable anxiety, but when our actual booking time came, I gave Shiri the chance to speak (and totally not because I’m just generally bad at speaking to people) and they led us to a table inside.

Greenberry’s is probably the cutest little place you could ever sit. A little crowded, but that’s more in the way of popularity than anything bad, but still, a cute and comfortable. At first I felt a little awkward as a teenager, and one with freshly dyed purple hair, in somewhere like that, however, we were respected as much as anyone else. We went for the breakfast menu, as that was the idea we’d always had (and it’s served until 3pm, hence brunch) which was reasonably prices… Reasonably being in italics because by ‘reasonable’ I mean ‘reasonable for primrose hill but actually expensive’ and ‘why am I paying this for breakfast (because it’s amazing, that’s why)’. However, the menu offers amazing meat and veggie options. The possibly have every type of egg you could ever think of and many variations of granola and fruit salad. You can view the menu online here.

I decided to go for probably the most heavenly thing you could ever imagine, which is basically just a plate of my favourite things; The waffle.

Hah! How dramatic did I make that waffle sound?! Maybe not very, but let’s pretend… Anyway. The waffle. The waffle was a (extremely lovely) toasted waffle with two poached eggs, avocado (my favourite thing in the world), crispy bacon and maple syrup. How amazing does that sound?! And look too…

Accompanied by a flat white (which can be seen behind the luscious food in the photo), I don’t think I’ve ever tasted anything better.

I really reccomend a trip to Greenberry’s if you’re in the area or willing to travel (it’s not far from Euston station but nearest to Chalk Farm) but I also reccomend to save for it. My waffle cost me £12, plus £2.70 for the coffee and of course, service charge.

After we left, of course we were going to go to Primrose Hill. I think it’s absolutely beautiful! Not necessarily as a tourist attraction (though if you’re visiting, I really do suggest going), but just as an area and on a term time Friday it was very peaceful. Of course, we weren’t alone- there were runners and dog walkers, other friends there together and likely people who didn’t live in London, but not many people in comparison. It was also freezing. Something I both liked and complaining about (my lack of coat didn’t help). At the top, we noticed something I didn’t even know exists surrounding the paved section before the hill returns to it’s natural, grassy state, that being a quote. I tried to ‘panorama’ the whole thing but only managed in three images.

William Blake, 1757-1827.

But I just think Primrose Hill is a spectacular place.

On the way back to the station, we came across an adorable ‘Save the children’ charity/vintage shop. There were so many clothes, mugs and books I wanted from the vintage section but with a lack of money, ended up buying this 50p book:

I wasn’t sure what it’d be like but I began not only reading it, but bookmarking many of the pages so I can do my own further research into this hidden history. Not bad for 50p (it’s so interesting). More blog posts may follow regarding my finds.

Following our venture into ‘Mary’s shop for living and giving’, I grabbed a coffee from ‘Chloe’s Espresso’ (where we were served by a very chatty lady who respected us and made lovely coffee), then we caught a tube to Oxford Circus. I’m basically an annoying human who dragged Shiri to Oxford Street for the purpose of going into Lush, which really isn’t  surprising  if you know me. I adore that shop and everything relating to it, too. When asked what it was we were looking for in the store my reply was quite honestly ‘I’m not sure, I just wanted to buy something’ (with the lack of money I had… Did totally not spend it all in there), which apparently a very me thing to say on the rare occasion i’ve managed to save my money. Luckily for me, I’ve only recently had my 17th, meaning I have a little more than usual.

After in depth discussions about musical theatre, nail art, a levels and the dream future whilst being given a hand massage and trying several products (that I’d already used several times, but hey? How can you refuse?), I decided to buy the Salt and Peppermint Bark Scrub and Snow Melt Bath Melt.

Me having taken over a corner of a hotel in Leeds with Lush products, featuring the two bought on Oxford Street that day.

The peppermint in the scrub is so refreshing (and I love mint) and scrubs are just the best thing. I  never really liked the idea of a ‘scrub’ , despite  feeling slightly luxurious (yet on edge) if I ever had the chance to use one growing up, but since my use of Lush’s ‘Rub Rub Rub’ 3 or 4 years ago, I love them. Also, I adore the bath melts. The first one I ever bought was the ‘you’ve been mangoed!’ one, when I went to see ‘Gypsy’ at the Savoy with Louise for our birthdays as I wasn’t too sure on how thee consistency would be, but since I love mango and my true love is avocado, I gave in and not for a moment did I regret it. The scent and feeling is what can be described as much more than just ‘Lush’. But relative to the one I bought, the scent of Snow Melt is quite sweet (not in an overpowering  way) and rather wintery too.

The one thing I wish i’d been able to buy was the Snow Fairy perfume. I don’t know how anyone can dislike Snow Fairy (and i’m really not into sweet scents at all, usually), I currently have a 250ml bottle but fear that’ll run out soon and i’ll be waiting  another year for more… But honestly, if I had the money, that perfume would be mine immediately.

When we were in Lush, Shiri abandoned me at a point, so I was left to get the tube alone (where I hopped onto the Bakerloo line to Harrow). I’m not going to lie, I was slightly offended when I was  offered only the Evening Standard  magazine and not a newspaper (I took the paper anyway as current affairs interest me a lot more than Celebrity gossip, despite the fact I’d hardly say the Evening Standard is my favourite. It’s still news) but continued with my day, being pushed about by commuters, shoppers and others going about their own business, whilst feeling inferior, not only due to height but also the fact I didn’t want to shove people. I just wanted to walk calmly onto a train (let’s be real though, when will that ever happen?).

I made my way home to prepare for my trip to Leeds the following day. A blog post/travel journal style upload of that trip is to follow, but maybe not until the new year (as with some other posts that are written/planned) due to the fact I do have some posts planned out already for the next week and I’d rather not bombard/bore you all, especially in the festive period.

Anyway, the main point of this blog post was to review/recommend. If you do get a chance, Greenberry Cafe is wonderful so you won’t regret visiting, plus, since it’s on the same road and for a good cause, a visit to Mary’s living and giving shop would do no harm (the stuff in there is honestly lovely and a lot more affordable than I expected). Also, of course i’m recommending Lush and the two products I bought, but I do have a half written and planned post solely about Lush which has been in my drafts for way too long.

I hope you’re all having a wonderful festive period and enjoyed this post! Love always, Lauren xxx

PS: The Lush (UK)  products in this post can be found here:

Salt and Peppermint Bark Scrub.

Snow  Melt Bath Melt.

Other hyperlinks can be found throughout the post.

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