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To come in 2016…

Hello! I hope you’ve all had a very merry christmas filled with joy, sparkle and surrounded by those who you love and that love you. However your day has gone, i’m sending lots of love your way.

This isn’t my main objective of the post, but I’m going to say a little about Christmas to begin with. I was lucky enough to receive a Nikon CoolPix P610 camera for christmas as last year, I saved up money rather than spending it and put that together to get the camera this year, from my Grandparents, and I love it. I’ve always had an interest in photography but never particularly wanted to spend an awful lot on a good camera (and it was also just, quite simply, unaffordable so I guess there wasn’t much question about that) and after deciding against photography GCSE to do Performing Arts related subjects (I regret doing PE for dance as I got to do little dance in lessons and wasn’t great at the theory, but what’s done is done and I have it to my name, at least) on top of my language and humanity (I’m glad we were made take one of the latter because I adore history), I had no excuse really. But this year I gave in, and after having it a day (from when this post was written), I love it a lot.

A picture taken on my new Camera of other gifts I was lucky enough to receive (and my mobile phone which isn’t new, but just looked nice in the photo). It may not be great and, yes, the crumpled sheet annoys me too, but i’m new to this and will hopefully progress in the art of photography.

I’ve taken a picture of other gifts with my new Camera, here.

Every year, it’s tradition in our family (and i’m not sure where it came from) to receive a CD, usually of our favourite artist. This is because it’s unlikely we’ll get one at another point in the year, either bought for us or by us (in our family) due to the expense of physical copies of music and year round, we tend to use streaming such as spotify or more recently Apple music. This year, I received Demi Lovato’s Confident, which I was over the moon about (my Queen) and it’s been playing on repeat since. But let’s be honest, it was playing on repeat anyway through the means of my phone. It’s just so beautiful.

I also received the Jeremy Corbyn colouring book. As I haven’t spoken about it very much on here (yet- I may, in the future include this and some of my other interests/things i’m passionate about that i’m more wary about posting on here), you may not know that I’m very much into Politics (though if you know me in person, I likely bore you about it). But I laughed when I opened up this and my Corbyn dress up book because it’s just great.

I’m also passionate about literature and my favourite author is most definitely Jane Austen. One of the Austen related books is above (I have all of her books and multiple copies of them too… Oops) but I also got this really cool Jumper from my Grandparents! They know me well and i’m so so so in love with i! It’s also super duper comfy.

Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset
Jane Austen Jumper-Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset.

I also now own a beautiful instax mini 8 and I love it, even just looking at it. I haven’t actually used it yet because I haven’t got any film, however, i’ve given my uncle the money (which I also received from friends and family this christmas- otherwise i’d have about 50p to my name!) and he’s ordered me 40 ‘shoots’ or whatever they’re called, on amazon prime, so hopefully soon i’ll be able to take some photos.

I’m honestly so so grateful and want to say a massive thank you to not only the people who i’ve received gifts from, but more importantly love. I hope i’ve been able to give a sufficient amount (to say at the least) of love to others and people have also enjoyed their gifts from me. As I’ve said before in this post, i’m also sending out as much love as possible to people reading this.

Anyway, on with the main post!

I don’t know if anyone read and recalls this, but back in April/May time, not long after starting my blog, I posted a sort of calendar style post of things to look forward to in that coming month. It was brief and likely made little impact on your lives, but it was a personal kind of update post, I guess. With 2016 on our doorstep, I thought I’d do the same again! I obviously haven’t planned out my entire year and things are more likely than not to change, be it in a big or little way, or something that has an impact on these plans or not, but here’s an outline of what I know about!


I can quite honestly tell you that i’m not 100% sure of much happening in January. There’ll be school mocks happening, be them the ‘official’ A Level mock or practice papers leading up to or after the mock and i’m certain i’ll have a lot of work to do. There is however one event happening in my life (which, shock shock shock, involves musical theatre). 

January 28th-30th: I’m currently rehearsing for the production of ‘Fame’ at Watersmeet Theatre (rehearsals have been packed into only 5 weeks…) which we’ll be performing on these dates. I’ve been cast as ‘Goody’ (one of the music kids and Schlomo’s friend) and i’m really excited to perform it! Despite the stress of Sixth Form work and rehearsal balance, it’s something I enjoy and hopefully others will too when they see it.


February’s rather jam packed in quite a few ways and will, too, likely be filled with mocks and of course, a lot of work and revision. And this is what I have planned on top of that*…

*This was not meant to be taken in a negative way. It’ll just be quite a full on, yet enjoyable month.

February 8th: Thanks to my wonderful friend Alice and her fabulous music taste, I discovered a lot of new artists a few years ago. One of these artists was Gabrielle Aplin and I absolutely fell in love with her music. In November 2013, I was lucky enough to see her live (for my birthday) with my mum and grandma who also both really like her. As a present, I was given tickets to see her live once more in 2016! I’m so excited as I still love her just as much, if not more and it’ll be amazing to see her again a few years on!

February 23rd: WE GOT HALSEY TICKETS. I AM SEEING HALSEY AGAIN. Back in September, I was lucky enough to see Halsey live** (after waiting waaay to long between the point of buying tickets and the concert itself) and go to the Badlands Hair event all in the same weekend, which is like a dream come true as I absolutely adore Ashley and look up to her a lot. When tickets went on sale for her Badlands tour, of course I was going to try desperately to get them, and as my friend had since become a fan of her we tried for tickets, which we were lucky enough to get. I am honestly so unbelievably excited about this, I don’t think it’s comprehendible. I’m going with Adelaide which is going to be absolutely amazing but I’m also meeting my really good friend Molly (who I haven’t seen since september) and it’s just going to be extraordinary. Seeing my queen and my friends in the same day? I cannot complain.

**If you’re a fan of Lauren Aquilina, check this out because she was also one of the beauties Alice introduced me to and I have absolutely adored her since, but this year, I finally met her, outside the Halsey concert (which I didn’t at all expect) and she was so lovely and genuine and oh my goodness.

February 24th: There’s a fair chance you’re going to be thinking ‘WHAT ARE YOU DOING’ whilst reading this because though i’m looking forward to this so much, two concerts in a row is not something I signed up for… I feel as if i’ll be shattered after these two days… Anyway! For Christmas, I found out that I got Twenty One Pilots tickets for February!!! I couldn’t believe it when my dad said, i’m so excited but I didn’t think it’d ever happen.

And, though it’s also madness, seeing Halsey followed by TOP is going to be perfection.

I also know that in February i’ll be in the school production of Little Shop of Horrors! I can’t remember the exact show dates but the rehearsals have been absolutely amazing, so funny and relieving too. I’m so excited to be a part of the actual show, i’ve always wanted to be in LSOH as it’s been one of my favourite musicals for years, plus it’s looking to be a good production.



March 11th: I’m too excited for this but also can’t believe on this date i’ll be attending my fourth gig of the year… In March. The beginning of March. Ooops. On the 11th, i’m going to see Foxes! I’ve only been a fan of Louisa for a year and a bit, being introduced by my friend Ruby after we went to Doctor Who Filming in May 2014 and on that day she found out that one go her favourite artists would be making a cameo in the episode we saw the filming of (Mummy On The Orient Express, Series 8) and basically influenced me to listen to her and when I did, I realised she actually had an amazing voice and her songs were a style I liked, plus the lyrics… Goodness. Glorious and Beauty Queen will always be a favourite. But I missed out on seeing her in 2014 as I was late to the party, but now i’m an even bigger fan of her and i’m getting the opportunity to see her so soon! It’s going to be amazing.

March 26th: In the morning of this day, until late afternoon, i’ll be at the West End Kids dress run for the following week’s revue, but after that, i’m heading to Paris! I’m super duper excited and i’m going with my Grandma, but meeting my Dad and sister there because they’ll have gone earlier that day (but I have WEK which I shan’t miss). I’m so excited as we’re going to Paris (i’ve never actually been to Paris the city, only Disney and in places nearby to Paris) as well as, on the last day of March, going to Disneyland! I haven’t been to Euro Disney since I was about 10, so 7/8 years on it’ll be just as exciting and likely magical too. I’m so excited to sight see too, and appreciate Parisian beauty, especially now I have my new Camera.


On the 1st April, i’ll also be at Disneyland! I can’t believe i’m getting the chance to go back and for two days. Waiting makes me feel like a child again. As they say, Stories can make us fly!***

***Hint hint hint, sneaky blog name in my post. Also, this is meant in a rather literal sense as Disney has many themed roller coasters/rides, haha!

April 3rd: On the 2nd, i’ll be travelling back to England ready for the day after, the West End Kids revue (our show at the end of the season). I’m happy to say i’ll be back for my fifth season in WEK: Training Red on the 9th January- I love it so much. I honestly currently miss WEK so much though it’s barely been two weeks since I was last there.

May & June: exams exams exams exams exams help help help help help exams exams exams exams exams

October: I know i’ve skipped a bit, but I don’t have much i’m aware of in that time despite hopefully having a good summer, hopefully having got decent AS results, hopefully starting A2 and hopefully being able to apply for universities. I say that because i’m not sure how it’ll go. Honestly, i’ve been so so busy working and revising because I want to do well and i’ll give myself some credit for actually working hard (though I still feel I don’t do enough & stress quite a lot- I’m wishing there were more hours in the day to be honest, and not because I waste them) but i’m not sure how it’ll work out; I’m hoping it’ll pay off.

OH. Also, this is an exciting thing! Not in October so I probably should have wrote an August bit but hey ho, i’m choosing to write it here. On the last night of Kenneth Branagh’s production of Romeo and Juliet (starring Richard Madden, the absolute king of my world and Lily James who I adore) me and my friend Shiri are going to see R&J!!! Shoutout to Shiri for getting us tickets when they were put on sale because I wouldn’t have been able to get them and I feel incredibly lucky to have tickets. This is unreal. The fact we’re going doesn’t seem real.

ANYWAY. OCTOBER’S MAIN EVENT. And trust me, this is super exciting! Or for me, anyway…

As I mentioned earlier, Politics is something i’m passionate about. My school arranged an absolutely amazing trip for our year and guess who’s lucky enough to have got a place?

Just three weeks before the US Presidential elections, I”M GOING TO WASHINGTON DC. Yes, the capital letters were necessary!!! I’m honestly so so excited, the vibe is going to be interesting and likely incredible and i’m looking forward to the sight seeing and just being in America! I’ve been to America before, I went to Salt Lake City, Utah, when I was 13 (I am honestly so grateful for such wonderful opportunities) and i’m so excited to be going back for a week. It’s just going to be extraordinary and the time of year it is, in the lead up to halloween and with regards to the elections, just makes it even better. I’m honestly not able to properly function thinking about it, oh my goodness.

November: Guess who’s birthday it is? On the 3rd, I turn 18!!! That’s kind of scary as i’ll be an adult and I really don’t look it, plus I swear I only turned 16 yesterday? Okay, maybe a year and a bit ago, but still. Even 16 seemed scary. And I keep forgetting i’m 17.

December: It feels a bit wrong to be talking about this now, doesn’t it? In December 2015? So yeah… Let’s not.

There’s a chance that you will, after the events have taken place, especially travel and concerts, be bombarded with photos and videos from them (on my lovely new camera) as I plan to take lots of pictures etc. Hopefully the posts will be enjoyable rather than boring, but even so, at least i’ll have them as memories for myself.

I hope you enjoyed this post and yet again, sorry it’s a bit long. Well done if you actually got through the whole thing and you’re reading this! Has anyone got something they’re particularly excited about for 2016? Or a highlight or 2015 they can’t help but thing back on happily, as much as possible?

You see, even if all seems dark, we all have memories to fall back on. However wide or narrow our opportunities are. It may not have been a great year for us all, but i’m sure we all have some good points? Even if for you, that positive moment/moment of success is getting out of bed.

Over all of this that i’ve written about, one thing which will really make my year great is being able to do what I can for myself and others. Trying to inspire. Ensuring my mental health is as well as it can be and doing all I can to help myself with that. Finding success in everything, whether it’s being promoted in WEK: Training or simply breathing. On top of all, kindness is the most important thing, a gift that’s free, and something that you should not only give others but yourself too. Be kind to yourself, you are important and worthwhile.

So, here’s to 2016! This is actually queued to post when i’ll be seeing a screening of The Nutcracker (which i’d like to see live one day- I’d love to see as many ballets as possible live as so far, i’ve only done so through screenings and the internet) which i’m super excited about because dance makes me insanely happy (and it’s my aesthetic to be honest). I hope you all enjoy the rest of 2015 and have a fabulous start to 2016!

Love always, Lauren xxx

PS- I’ve added a contents page to my blog with links to all of my posts. This can be found at the very top of the home page/any page and will be updated as posts are uploaded.

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