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A venture into the deep, dark land of the… Post Christmas sales.

What a dramatic title?! I feel like this is a slightly dramatic (more chaotic) story concluding yesterday’s events!

So, on the 28th December I decided to give into the urge to go home via the shops to have a browse, especially in the sales sections (which you likely would’ve seen live updates about if you follow my twitter). I did want to visit Lush on boxing day, however the site kept crashing on me and i’ve been at my grandparents but they don’t live near a Lush at all (I feel so sorry for them) so I quite honestly just went straight away, as soon as I got home yesterday.

As I was already in town to visit the apple store for an appointment about my MacBook (things were great with it before but everything is double checked and peachy now), it was a great excuse really. I visited the nearest shop first, which was Boots but a lot was too expensive still (though the discounts were great- just not an amount I can justify) and the only thing I really, fully, properly cared about were the Yankee Candles and gift sets (though we actually have a Yankee Store) which just so happened to be the only things not reduced. Fabulous. I came out of Boots with nothing, which really is just as well because i’d have no money left otherwise… What I did spend throughout the day was christmas money and I feel kind of bad spending it on sale stuff, though all I bought was stuff I love and likely would have bought with my money anyway, at full price. Of course, next I headed for Lush, completely disregarding every shop on the way. I didn’t hold out much hope for them having anything anyway, but the quicker I got there, the more likely it was. I was slightly infuriated by the amount of slow walkers taking up the entirety of the walking space, but that annoys me on a daily basis too (I am impatient but a lot of the time it’s not necessary) and also there seemed to be a lot of rude parents about too, and it’s not a shock that I’m not the biggest fan of rude people really, especially when you try to be polite or e.g. Apologise for something that isn’t even your fault and they’re still continually rude. But anyway, I eventually got to lush and thought all hope was lost until I noticed the products had actually just been moved to a smaller table as not an awful lot was left. There were three type of soap left, one being ‘Yog Nog’, which I adore, but considering the money I spent in ‘The Yorkshire Soap Co.’ in Leeds (you’re to hear all about that soon) and the money I was likely about to spend, plus the fact of not wanting to waste it, I didn’t give in. I did, inevitably, buy something… or somethings. I came out of Lush having spent no more than £6 but with TWO Father Christmas bath bombs and a ‘First Snow’ dusting powder, which i’ve wanted for a while but couldn’t so much justify whilst having ‘Fairy Dust’ (yet have managed to in the sale, oops) and I really am chuffed. There may not have been a great selection left but i’m glad I managed to get something and things I really like, too.

After happily leaving Lush, I met my dad for a coffee which was nice and we discussed things like Paris (referenced in my last post) and of course, general things too. I headed ‘straight home’ after going for coffee… Straight home… Via Disney, Paperchase and The Body Shop… But in defence, I didn’t go back into Lush to buy Yog Nog, which I could have, so in that way I didn’t give in. I first went into the Disney shop where I was quite relieved to find no Tsum Tsums that I would easily be convinced to buy, nor any Cinderella merchandise. One thing did catch my eye though… A Stitch mug! Oh my goodness, it’s something i’ve wanted for so long and seeing it reduced but not wanting to buy it (as it was over £5 haha… It was £6) out of fear of spending too much and knowing everything adds up, broke my heart as I walked out empty handed. I’ll probably end up buying it some day as it’s adorable and of course, because it’s stitch, but we currently have way too many mugs (as in, there’s no where to keep them) and I couldn’t really spend my money half heartedly. I then found myself magnetically drawn to Paperchase to check on a 2016 diary I wanted, but it wasn’t reduced by a penny and a majority of the products I found that were reduced were decorative and not needed by myself or for gifts for others. Though, on the topic of Diaries and Calendars, I did swoop by the pop up Calendar shop in the town centre, which had drastic reductions. I’ve had my eye on this beautiful ballet calendar for a while and nearly bought it full price, so seeing the reduction swung me to finally purchase it before I ended up paying full price online. I absolutely adore dance- both performing and watching- so, it was a must.

Processed with VSCOcam with p5 preset
Processed with VSCOcam with p5 preset and taken on Nikon CoolPix P610.

I really was determined to get home after this, but I hadn’t been in the Body Shop for a while and seeing their ‘reduced’ labels reminded me of the sale items I bought at such a large reduction two or three years ago whilst with my friend, Jahnavi. As I adore body stuff and I want to preserve and save my remaining Snow Fairy shower gel from Lush for a long as possible, I thought i’d look for their amazing Passionfruit shower gel, but I couldn’t find it in the sale or even see it in the shop. I was drawn to the pink, though, as I knew i’d likely find rose scented products amongst the raspberry and cherry blossom shower gels. I managed to try the tester of and fall in love with their rose body lotion… Reduced from £8 to £2?! What a blessing. When heading for the tills, I spotted a basket with the words ‘hand sanitiser’ peeking out and how do you think that ended? If you know me, you know obsessive doesn’t even cover my love for hand sanitisers, especially scented ones. And guess what scent I found?! Pink Grapefruit!!! Which, if anyone’s read my ‘Happy Things‘ post from a while back, will know is my favourite smell. And these two purchases, which basically hit my weaknesses spot on, have caused me to fall back in love with the Body Shop.

I finally did then go home! No more detours, no more giving in. Straight home. And I was just glad to get home before the streets flooded with football fans; Walking home on a match day generally feels like swimming against a wave of flowing water which is quite anxiety riveting, especially when alone.

Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset
Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset and taken with Nikon CoolPix P610.

I was also pleased to find that when I got home, this beauty had arrived! Naomi Wolf’s ‘The Beauty Myth’, as suggested to me by Niamh Walsh. I started reading it yesterday evening and so far i’m totally engrossed. I’m sure it won’t be long until i’m finished it and there’s a fair chance you’ll hear more about this in future posts, if relevant or I feel like making specific posts related to or influenced by it. It is absolutely brilliant though and I 100% recommend reading it. I’m so happy it arrived today, but now it’s likely to distract me from school work… Which wouldn’t be good. But hey, i’ll just have to consider the ‘everything in moderation’ thing to balance it.

So, it turns out I spent not much more than £15 in the sale but saved around £18! Not bad at all, to say at the least! Did you guys get anything in the sale? What was your favourite product and your favourite reduction?

I hope you’re all doing well your holidays are playing out to be positive. Love always, Lauren xxx

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