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2016 Reading list: Part 1.

2016 Reading List: The First 11.

Hello! So, not long ago I posted a reading list filled with books i’ve read, some more than once, and loved. This is a little different. With 2016 at our toes, I thought I’d post a 2016 reading this! I am, of course, not confined within this list and since I haven’t planned ahead much, i’m going to read an awful lot more than just these (meaning I may post other parts to this list at a later date, or just leave it and recommend books/talk of those i’ll read separately at some point in 2016) but these are the first 10 books I plan to read as of the end of 2015. Some I own, others I need to purchase/borrow, but the thought of reading really does excite me. I’m looking forward to reading these an insane amount.

So, here goes:


  1. The Beauty Myth- Naomi Wolf.*
  2. Tess of the d’urbervilles- Thomas Hardy.
  3. The art of being normal-
  4. It’s kind of a funny story- Ned Vizzini. This is actually something i’ve wanted to read for a long time but either forgot about it and started another book or didn’t have money at the time of wanting to buy it/ time when I did have money, but I now own the book and I really, really need to read it asap. I mentioned I wanted to read it (and the following two) in the past reading list blog post so I really am going to read them when I can.
  5.  One flew over the cuckoo’s nest- Ken Kesey.
  6. Far from the Madding Crowd- Thomas Hardy.
  7. Middlemarch- George Eliot.*
  8.  Mrs Dalloway- Virginia Woolf.*
  9. Homage to Catalonia- George Orwell.
  10. The Blind Assassin- Margret Atwood.
  11. The Bluest Eye- Toni Morrison.**

*These were recommended to me, either author or novel, by someone I look up to an awful lot, Niamh Walsh, which I just thought to mention for no particular reason.

**’Oh, 11 is an odd number’ (Literally). Long story short, I. Hate. Even. Numbers. And that’s only a simple way of putting it.

As I said before, I may not stick straight to this list as i’m not confined to it, but these are the first 10 books I plan to read in 2016. Look out for a part 2 next year (in 2016, of course, but if you’re reading this in 2016, this year!), which may come either before or after i’ve read the next 10 or so… Maybe some of you will be reading the same as me or have read these already. Please, if you have any book suggestions, comment or tweet them to me. I’m always looking out for new reads, whether it takes me a day or a few months to start reading it.

I’m thinking that this will be my last post of the year so I hope you all have a wonderful New Years Eve and an even better New Year itself! I hope 2015 has been full of happiness and sparkle for you and that 2016 is much much better. I’m glad 2015 was the year I began to blog and I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I love writing. See you in 2016.

Love always, Lauren xxx

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