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Happy 2016!

Happy new year everyone! I know i’m technically a day or so late to be saying wishes, but this applies all year round. I hope you all have a wonderful 2016, much better than 2015, and that it’s full of positivity and sparkles.

Photograph from meeting Orla on her Lonely People tour, Feb 2015.

For the last day of 2015, I went to London with my family; We went to Shoreditch for a majority of the time, including the cereal killer cafe and Old Spitalfields market and during that time, something totally unexpected yet amazing happened… I MET ORLA GARTLAND. Orla is an artist i’ve adored for around 3 years now, since my friend Alice (as mentioned for recommending music to me, in a previous post) introduced me to her and finally in February 2015 we saw her and the amazing Dodie Clark (who I spoke to for a majority of the M&G and when we were waiting for Orla because she said didn’t know how many people knew her/were fans but since we approached her, she stuck with us) and met them both on The Lonely People Tour/TOURLA2015. When I saw her on Thursday, I honestly had tears in my eyes and when she spoke (and confirmed with her amazing accent that it was her) I literally lost it and after a while of panicking, I finally had the courage to speak to her and ask for a picture.

I met Orla in Shoreditch on the last day of 2015… What.
I met Orla in Shoreditch on the last day of 2015… What.

After asking for a picture, she said that I made her day and whilst doing other things, kept asking me about my day and future plans being lovely.

I will NEVER regret that the first Polaroid I ever took was with Orla Gartland. This makes me so happy.
I will NEVER regret that the first Polaroid I ever took was with Orla Gartland. This makes me so happy.

Then having umm-ed and ahh-ed (and feeling a slight sense of regret in the fact I didn’t ask for a polaroid picture on my lovely new Camera, since the film had been in my possession since the day before), I did just that! And she continued to talk to me and oh my goodness, she’s so lovely. I can’t believe I made Orla’s day… She made mine!

At Spitalfields I didn’t take as much interest in the stalls as my mum, who was distracted by every jewellery stall we passed, but I did get a delicious lemon and sugar crepe from the crepery shop. I also found a coffee shop called ‘The Department of Coffee and Social affairs’ that was super aesthetically pleasing to me and looked as if it served decent coffee, but since I didn’t have the chance to venture into the cafe, it’s on my places to go list. My main focus, if i’m honest, was on the make up shops. Bobbie Brown, Benefit, MAC… What more could you wish for? Having very limited money (My christmas money… or it’s remainder), I ventured into MAC to see if I could buy a lipstick (what a shocker, Lauren buying a lipstick?!) and before even looking at any other shades, I noticed they had ‘Royal’. As someone who’s struggled to find Royal but had my eyes on it for too long, how could I not empty my purse on my beautiful, extravagant (as my mum claims it to be) shade. All I can say is, *Heart eye emoji*.

IMG_5884In the evening, I went to my friend Louise’s house with Chloe, Adelaide and Sara and it was lovely to bring in the new year together. Of course, I did miss being with my family as there hadn’t been a year before that we’d been apart, but they had their friends, too and enjoyed being in the company of my friends. I do love those guys a lot. It was great to share the last and first laughs of the year with one another.

So… 2016 is now here. It’s madness, and how am I 18 this year? It all feels a little strange.

Anyway, I also just thought i’d give you a brief on what you’re likely to see this year on my blog. I started to write a post back in November 2015 about Lush, as i’ve mentioned a few times, but I was never able to catch up with the products I used and find the time to actually write it, so when I went back, actually the day before I wrote this second half of today’s post (still in 2015… how weird) to modify and try to do something with it, it ended up a bit messy and the post turned into me trying to work out what to do and babbling on the entire time. I almost let myself post/plan to post it, too… Madness. But since it had some valuable information/ideas in my eyes, amongst the confusion, I thought i’d salvage that and update you in a hopefully enjoyable way. I won’t go on for too long, I promise.

I’ll mostly be talking about what are essentially series, as you would have seen me post the first post of some before, and some that I didn’t even realise have potential but I guess maybe they do, but aside those i’ve got a list of ideas and many drafts to post about more specific, single topic or even fairly random things. But here goes:

  • Relaxation is Lush‘- This is the post I was talking about. Ignore my attempt at being clever, goodness knows when I came up with that but I can’t think of anything better. This was initially going to be a general post about Lush (which would have hopefully had follow ups) and certain products, however i’ve turned it into a series. It’ll be a set of posts, specified to products e.g. shower gels where I talk about a few, likely my favourites to begin with and followed later, once i’ve done my round of the product types to a second about the others i’ve missed. I feel as if I should start with bath bombs considering so many people associate the product with my favourite company, so keep an eye out for that! My first one may be purely, or including christmas products, so my apologies if you’re a lush virgin or newbie who missed out, but at least you’ll have it for future reference. Unless they discontinue the product… Damn, i’m still so angry about Phoenix Rising. But yes, a Lush series including product descriptions, reviews and just me babbling on about something I love, which isn’t a surprise.
  • Lush Product Reviews– I may, though i’m not entirely sure, post singular reviews. For example, a whole post dedicated to the ‘It’s raining men!’ shower gel! It must be worthy. But these may come as a follow up to specific ‘Relaxation is Lush’ posts or at random points. I adore lush.
  • I don’t know if anyone remembers, but right before I disappeared from the internet for a while back in the summer, I started a ‘These are a few of my favourite things’ series (being clever with that song title and my posts… If you didn’t see, the creativeness is evident in the contents and will be as I post more) and, though i’ve been useless at it, I thought i’d continue with that. The last one I did, I think, was music, and I have a few ideas in mind at the moment, such as Comics, Shows, Films, Items (but more specific at that time) but I think i’ll resume with that.
  • What’s in my bag?  Wow, how creative Lauren. I know this may sound boring or weird but I thought it would be cool to do this sort of thing with regards to occasional make up, my bag for school etc and just kind of letting you guys see the different sides of me through what I have in my bag, I guess…
  • This could be followed by general Product Reviews, for example on make up or body stuff, stationery etc. It’s not set and a little boring but you’ll likely see some.
  • Travel Journals.
  • Theatre Reviews.
  • Book Reviews.
  • Food/drink reviews.
  • Reading lists- I did what is essentially a ‘must reads’ list in 2015 and my most recent post was My 2016 reads (or the first 11) and I find it great to share what I love with you guys and what I plan to read as it’s giving you suggestions and motivation to read (that’s not me being cocky- I was told so and i’m glad of it).
  • Positivity.
  • Quotes/Something inspired by a quote.
  • Writing pieces/Poetry (if I have the guts).
  • I may start talking about Mental Health and Politics a lot more. They’re both things that i’m passionate about/impact me daily and though i’m a very closed person (obviously i’d hardly be too personal in these posts, but you know what I mean), they’re important things to talk about and never to be ignored. I’m not sure though as I feel it personally takes a lot of strength and confidence which, however I come across, is something I don’t tend to have. But hey, in the words of my Queen, what’s wrong with being confident?

I hope you’re all having an amazing 2016 so far and that it only gets better from here, which I’m sure will be the case, however you currently feel.

I also, just very quickly, wanted to add something about a shop I found on 30/12/15. I was in the village/town/city of St Albans, somewhere very close to where I live that’s absolutely beautiful, and I stumbled across this shop. It was called ‘Raindrops on roses’ and because of the title, I desperately wanted to go inside, but it was shut so that was a no. I just thought I’d share as it relates to a series I started and plan to resume, as mentioned earlier in this post. It’s beautiful, look:

Nikon CoolPix P610.

And look at this, too! In the window, they had this sign…

As an avid musical theatre fan, I internally fangirled and had to take some photos.


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