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And whiskers on kittens.

Bright copper kettles and warm woollen mittens,

Brown paper packages tied up with strings,

These are a few of my favourite things.

So, the second post in this series has come a lot sooner than I planned… which is funny since I posted the first back in June… Anyway! If you’ve read my last post, introducing 2016, you’ll know that, despite my incompetence, i’m continuing with my ‘favourite things’ series, but maybe not so much committing to ‘every week’ or a certain day because I think that’d be making promises I can’t deliver. With A Levels and Rehearsals taking up all of my time, the frequency, content and times that I post will be wobbly wobbly.

This favourite things post will be based around seasonal scents. By seasonal, I don’t mean christmas specifically (though, being january a few scents that you will find in shops will still have the lingering spirit of christmas nearby), but I mean currently, these are my favourite scented things. If you hadn’t already guessed, i’m a huge smells person. Lush, Candles, Hand sanitisers… I don’t know what i’d do without scents in my life. They’re extremely soothing and therapeutic and quite honestly can also be a distraction from certain things in life. I just love them (which is quite handy because noise massively distresses me).

So, today I thought I would talk about and promote some of my favourite products as they make my life seem a hell of a lot better so maybe they’ll be a necessity in yours, too.

I’ve got to talk about my yankee candle products first, haven’t I? I adore scented candles so much and being honest, a majority of my money is put towards Yankee Candle and Lush products… No regrets. I currently have a total of 61 candles… Oops?  No, no oops at all. I adore every single precious candle in my possession, whether it’s a jar, votive or tea light etc. In my defence, I haven’t bought them all (people know my love for candles so are lovely and buy them for me) and they have been accumulated over a time period. Plus, as a birthday present, I got a Yankee Candle advent calendar, so that has helped.

Anyway, i’m starting by recommending a Wax melt tart. Recently (in Asda’s sale), I found a wax burner reduced drastically and since i’ve wanted one for a while, I thought it was about time I gave in and bought one. Especially as, as much as I love them, I couldn’t justify paying £15 odd at full price on another occasion. But this has made me really happy because I can finally use wax melts! Yay!

I initially bought 3 wax tart melts to go with this burner (which all happen to be white in colour, interestingly) and I love the smell of them all, but there’s one I particularly like. I’m almost certain that having smelt a larger candle of this scent I wasn’t too fond and found it too sweet, but in the wax tart size, I absolutely adore it! The scent is called ‘Christmas treats’ and it’s sort of a sweet smell, but not overwhelmingly so. There’s definitely a vanilla smell amongst others and it also smells like cookie dough in a way? I’d say it’s quite biscuity, but i’ve smelt ‘biscuity’ things before which i’m not too keen on so I think i’d say it smells more doughy and like you’ve just taken fluffy cupcakes out of the oven. I hope i’m not the only one able to visualise and smell that from simply the thought. But honestly, though festive, it is such a scent, especially in a little proportion so, despite being a christmas fragrance, if you can find any, I 100% recommend that you buy it! I think you have to specify that it’s the yankee candle ‘simply home’ range, though, as when I tried to find it online it redirected me to christmas baking.

My second of five scent recommendations is yet again a yankee candle product. This candle is a part of their fresh range and their floral range, if it’s not evident by the name, ‘Fresh cut roses‘. I have mentioned in previous posts that i’m a huge fan of rose scented products, so of course I’d buy a Rose scented candle- That is most certainly my weakness. As should be obvious, it is one of the most clean and refreshing smells I have ever smelt. It smells of rose (as you’d hope it would) and it’s a super uplifting scent that you could sit and smell forever. Whenever I smell it I seem to feel so much better, even if just momentarily, so I love that. It’s just so flowery and fresh and wonderful and I just can’t describe how much I love it!

Another rose scented product I adore is Lush’s ‘Rosey cheeks’ fresh face mask. This is much more overwhelmingly floral than the Yankee Candle, but less fresh smelling. It is however, still, super fresh, especially if you keep it refrigerated (as you’re meant to) because even just smelling it, it kind of gives off the scent of when you smell really really cold glass of iced water. I hope i’m not the only one who does that, but it’s super refreshing. It’s a very strong rose smell, but if you’re like me, you’ll love that. Though, if you were looking to purchase it but are unsure on if you’d like the smell, they always have the dishes with the face masks in them out so you can smell those to see. I think this was the product that actually made me fall in love with rose.  I should probably say something about the product itself, too. The product is really easy to put on and you can put on as much as you like, but it’s really easy to go on and feels fresh (hence ‘fresh’ face mask) as well as staying scented throughout the entire time of being on your face. Once you wash the face mask off, your skin feels so free but so soft, too and still, the scent lingers, which is glorious. It also lasts. It may seem expensive for the little pot but it is so worth it and it does last quite a while with multiple uses- I’ve used this pot 3 times now and i’d say there’s around half left, so it’s definitely not single use, nor a rip off. Go and pamper yourself, you will not regret it.

The penultimate scented product i’m recommending is ‘NSpa’s Fruit Extracts Seriosuly Intense Passionfruit bath and shower gel’. Passionfruit is definitely my favourite fruit and I love not only the flavour of it, but the smell too. In the summer, I used the Body Shop’s Passionfruit shower gel but the last time I went into the body shop I couldn’t find it (which wasn’t really such a tragedy considering I have my It’s raining men and Snow fairy Lush shower gels), but I spotted this in Asda for £2 and when smelling how lovely and passionfruit-y it was, I couldn’t resist. It has a very fruity and fairly strong smell, as well as being quite tangy, which is really refreshing and the shower gel itself is good. It also claims to have ‘natural vitamins’ and ‘real fruit goodness’, which is a bonus! It just smells so lovely though, especially if you’re a fruity person and trust me, you’ll get complimented for smelling nice. I feel so much pride when people say “Oh, you smell lovely” or “Your hair smells gorgeous” or “Something smells really nice… Oh, Lauren, I think it’s you” etc and using this, I have been complimented whilst going about my business on a normal day. Oh, and £2 for 500ml? I’d say that’s a bargain.

The last thing is pretty goddamn amazing, but I don’t know how easy it is to get a hold of. I’ve mentioned previously that, just before Christmas, I ventured to Leeds with my dad and grandma (my full post about that little trip is yet to come) and in Leeds, and 2 other places in the county, they have a shop called ‘the Yorkshire Soap Co.’ and oh goodness, I wish I could have lived there. But unfortunately I’m not even near one of their shops where I live, which is logical considering it’s the Yorkshire Soap co. But hey ho, if you’re living in Yorkshire you’re lucky- plus, I think you can order online, so not all hope is lost. Anyway, the product I adore the smell of from this shop is the Rhubard and Custard soap bar (and all of their soaps, to be honest). It smells like Rhubarb and Custard sweets; A strong, sweet fruity smell from the Rhubard (which makes you feel nothing but wanting to eat it- but don’t eat the soap. I don’t think I need to tell you why.) which is dulled slightly by the ‘custard’, making it more creamy, but also sweetened by the vanilla in the custard. It’s not as overwhelming as custard can be, but it’s definitely sweet and fruity  and such a lovely scent. It’s really lovely to wash your hands with a scented soap and a smell that lingers, both after use and in the room you choose to plant it.

These have been my favourite (mainly) non christmassy scents to kick off 2016 with. I actually wrote this post quite a bit earlier than it’s been posted, hence why it doesn’t include, for example, the Lush valentines day collection (see how i’ve refrained to mention much lush due to the upcoming posts dedicated to the brand). Do you specifically like or dislike any of these scents? As it should be clear, I adore them all. I hope this inspires some of you to empty your bank account on scented gifts (Okay, maybe not quite, but you should totally buy these things if you come across them and have the money that you can justify.) and maybe turn to the therapeutic world of candles, baths and rose smelling heaven if you’re every slightly panicking or just need a distraction. I can’t guarantee it will help you and more likely than not, in certain situations that aren’t filled with ‘low-key’ panic, it may be no use, but at least they smell nice so there’s a positive.

I hope you’ve enjoyed me babbling on about my love for these things and i’m sure it won’t be the end. You haven’t heard of my hand sanitiser obsession, nor of many other things, so guess what’s to come? Hopefully my next post will be on something aside beauty, I don’t know if i’m being boring with these recommendations or not. Please, please (I know this is naggy and annoying) give me feedback on my posts, either relevant to the post or what you like and don’t like about my blog. People read it but I never know if i’m doing things wrong or right because I never really receive much feedback. Comment here, tweet me @laurbethany or email my blog email address,

Hope you’re all well. Love always, Laur xxx

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