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The road to somewhere. 

I believe that we, living in a democratic society, have the power to change what we believe is wrong. Not at all in a tyrannical sense, but more due to the fact that we have been handed democratic opportunity. Some people aren’t so lucky or may live under a government exercising different political views which causes them to be unwillingly exempt from this statement, but here in the UK, whatever party is voted into parliament, a fair amount of democracy is present. That is why I am choosing to have a voice. Although this may seem, to some, a small issue, many are outraged. Prior to welcoming in the New Year, we were presented with the news that the 142 and 258 bus routes in and out of Watford were likely to be affected by government cuts made, therefore disallowing funding for such routes to stay alive. This will have an impact on now only myself, but many people I see daily and others in this area of Hertfordshire and North London that rely on such services. These routes are the routes providing transport to Brent Cross and South Harrow. This not only cuts off the big shopping centre (if we’re talking about the entertainment factor of this change), but many places of work and schools attended by hundreds of citizens, such as Bushey Academy and Bushey Meads Sceondary Schools. Cutting off this mode of transport could cause many adults, family and children difficulties to reach locations they rely on to go about their daily business, of which some things that it causes an inconvenience to (for example, education up until the age of 18) are a legal requirement. This would cause an undesirable affects.

It has also been said by many that both the 142 and 258 are buses that have never, or rarely been seen empty or half full, just reinforcing how relied on these services are and how undemocratic such a change would come across as. This sense of a lack of democracy is emphasised by the popular petitions opened by both the Labour Party and the Liberal Democrats, two mainstream political parties campaigning against these proposals.

“I would not be able to attend my ballet class or singing lessons if it weren’t for these services,” Louise Elson, an aspiring performer, states. “Nor would my brother be able to attend school and these are both relevant to our future career paths.” This is just one of the examples of how people are likely to be affected.

Despite there being a range of other buses in the local area, there are none that take these specific routes or there would be no need for them, but the public have made it clear, through means of voicing opinions at school and work, social media and petitions that it is essential that these services should be saved. So why is this even being proposed?

Understandably, the government cannot please every single one of us on every issue, but is it not worth fighting for? It wouldn’t be a democratic country if everyone cowered away from issues they feel strongly, or even just a little for. We have the chance to have a voice- don’t waste that. I feel that we can make a difference, so please please please, help us by signing the petition and sharing your opinion.

Written by Lauren Curr.

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