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Symbols of existence.

This blog post is something I didn’t really plan on doing, but I keep thinking and thought it would be quite nice to share it with you guys. It may not be clear what it’s about from the title, but i’ll explain.


Personally, i’m not sure I have the gut or commitment to actually get a tattoo, but I have some very meaningful ideas that i’m willing to share (some in more detail than others) because to me, they are beautiful.

There are a few reasons that despite these ideas, which I love and would love, I am not likely to get a tattoo, or at least in the near future.

  1. Although I highly doubt I am or will be good enough, I live for performing and performing keeps me alive. I would love to someday get into the industry, and though this isn’t a definite statement, tattoos can hold you back. It’s about characterisation and the look; If your character is someone who would never even consider a tattoo and you have one, it may not be suitable; Nor if you have a tattoo that doesn’t fit the character; Or you’re a dancer.
  2. I’m not sure I could deal with the commitment and permanency, either. It’s not that i’m not a committed person, as I am, however I just have anxiety for the future and there’s a strong possibility that, even if I absolutely love it, I could be full of regret and fear as that’s the sort of person that I am.
  3. This is also emphasised by the ‘What if it doesn’t suit me?’ worry. Or the fact that (this is being worked on and I hope that I won’t be saying this soon, so maybe by the time i’m 18 and legally allowed to be ‘inked’, it won’t be an issue) I wouldn’t say i’m the happiest in my body.

But still, I would love a tattoo and I adore these ideas that i’m about to share with you all. Hopefully, one day I will have the gut to get a tattoo and or several from the 7 ideas on this list. So, on with the ideas!

  • Tattoo No.1: a Semicolon. I won’t expand too much, but when I was 13/14, I discovered the semicolon project and since, this has been a tattoo I have wanted.
  • Tattoo No.2: a Lovatic heart and/or a Demi Lovato inspired ‘warrior’ tattoo. As well as simply being a fan of the extraordinarily wonderful queen that is Demi, she has inspired me in so many ways. I look up to her insane amounts, and not only has she helped me in certain ways, but I know some of my loved ones look to her for inspiration on a daily basis, too, meaning it’s personally a huge thing for me. Also,  i’ve seen many others with this tattoo and it is beautiful. 
  • Tattoo No.3: a Bumble Bee. See my post about the Bumble Bee of positivity. This means a lot to me and if you see me on a daily basis or are close to me, you’ll know this for sure.
  • Tattoo No.4: A small arrow of some sort; This is to symbolise three things- The first being the idea of being launched into situations of all sorts and being strong enough to survive them (and also having to be pulled back before going forward), the second being the idea of things being great in the future, and the last, inspired by my school logo, actually. I never thought I would say that. ‘Sperate Perati / Go forward with preparation’.
  • Tattoo No.5: 3 Stars, as they are (in henna) here. This is because I am a star. That is all. (No, i’m actually joking, but some day I will believe I am and hey, confidence is key). I just kind of feel a deep connection with it. This also links to ‘the girl with the stars in her eyes’ (Zosia March/Camilla Arfwedson) and ‘show me the stars’ (Clara Oswald/Jenna Coleman).
  • Tattoo No.6: I haven’t decided on the specifics of this one, however, having turned to the internet, I have seen some beautiful ideas that I feel it would be inspired by. A dance inspired tattoo. As i’ve mentioned before, I live for dance. Dance is something that makes me feel full of worth and allows me to express my emotions, be it through an emotionally choreographed number or something fun or upbeat that lifts my mood. The tattoo i’m rooting for is a fully costumed ballerina, either performing generally (and possibly with some pink or purple colouring for detail) or a specific performance sketch from my favourite ballet.
  • Tattoo No.7: If you know me, you know i’m quite a big fan of a certain author… Jane Austen. I absolutely adore Austen and would someday love an unspecified (as of yet) quote of hers as a tattoo.

So, here are the tattoo ideas that I like, if I were ever to get a tattoo. If I do in the near future decide to get one of these lovely designs on my skin, there will be a little update. But just to clarify, I am 17 years old, so I physically can’t do so for a while, even if I did want one. I just wanted to share these because I love them and if I can’t express myself by doing so on my skin, I may as well do so on my blog. And even though I haven’t expanded on them in as much detail as I could have, they really are all meaningful to me, personally.

Do you have or want any tattoos? Love always, Lauren xxx

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