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Gabrielle Aplin, 09.02.16.

Although i’m not overly obsessed with music in general (although, as I may have mentioned, I am a massive fan of musical theatre), when I love someone’s music, I really love it. Being in adoration of a person or their music will usually mean that i’ll find a way to see them perform when I can, be it in concert or in a musical (although, generally, I do go to the theatre a lot more as I don’t mind if I’m new to someone in a musical, I adore all musicals so seeing one isn’t an issue for me- it’s enjoyment and I do so as frequently as possible).

Someone I have been a fan of for a while is Gabrielle Aplin. As I explained in an earlier post, my friend Alice introduced me to her, back when I was in year 8 or 9 (this is one of the few things I haven’t blocked out from this time) and I was lucky enough to see her at O@ Shepherd’s Bush in 2013. She was absolutely amazing, so I remember, and I wished to go back to that night. In the gap of three years, up until now, I have still supported her with all of my heart and listen to her beautiful (and new) music, but for christmas, I was lucky enough to receive tickets to see her once more. The event was supposed to be at O2 Shepherd’s Bush, again, however due to a fault (as Gabrielle said herself, she’s glad the venue didn’t collapse on us), the venue was upgraded to The Forum, O2 Kentish Town.

Supporting her was Hannah Grace, who I am now a fan of thanks to Gabby (and even got to meet her and buy a signed and personalised EP on the night) and Lewis Watson, who I wouldn’t say I was a fan of because I barely know his music, but the way he plays and sings is so beautiful and calming, I can see myself listening to him casually in the future. Of course, the main act (the angelic Gabrielle Aplin, herself) followed these two and she was flawless. One thing I forgot from last time I saw her, but my mind recalled when we arrived at Kentish Town, was the amount of times she has to swap instruments on stage. Her many guitars that she’s passing over to others and use of the Piano at the end just makes her performance even more admirable.

The main purpose for this post, ignoring my babble above, is to share some videos I took on the night. Some of the filming isn’t best because I wanted to watch her propely, not through a lense but that does not decrease the sound quality. I’ve posted 4 on youtube (which I did make, simply to upload these), and here they are. So, enjoy!

Space Oddity (David Bowie tribute).

Light up the dark.

How do you feel today?

Panic Cord.

All recorded 09/02/2016 on an iPhone 6 (due to my Camera being confiscated for apparently being too similar to a DSLR, apparently, though it’s a bridge camera and I spotted others with the same camera as me. Fair enough if it’s the rules though) at The Forum/O2 Kentish Town, London. Full credit to Gabrielle Aplin for these.

Love always, Lauren xxx


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