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I’ve got a golden ticket.

I couldn’t help but mentally sing whilst typing the above title, since it relates to one of my favourite childhood books, which was also one of my favourite childhood musicals.

By ‘I’ve got a golden ticket’ it doesn’t mean I literally have a golden ticket, nor is this post related at all to ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’, however, indeed, it does refer to some kind of ticket (or tickets) and the shameful amount which has been spent on such, recently.

In the past week, a fair amount of money (of which most I didn’t even know I had) has been spent, or held back for spending, on tickets to performances; These performances being Melanie Martinez in November, ‘People, Places and Things’ (with my mother) in two weeks, and a stash of money ready to day seat (and hopefully succeed in doing so) for ‘Wicked’, this week!

On Thursday, I was lucky enough (thank’s to my wonderful friend Molly’s dad) to get Melanie Martinez tickets, during their pre-sale, and I am absolutely over the moon.

Molly 1
Molly and I, in February.

I was absolutely gutted about the fact I didn’t get to see her at her most recent gig, as the day tickets were released, my father attempted to get some, but due to professional reasons, could not until it was too later. But, they do say that good things happen to people who wait. I’m glad that I, instead of moping about and being negative, waited, because I was previously to be going with my sister’s friend, and as lovely as she is, going with my friend (whom is a friend that I treasure dearly, but rarely see) is so much more special, and I am so unbelievably excited. I cannot wait until November comes around!

I also managed to get tickets to see the extraordinary ‘People, Places, and things’ at Wyndham’s theatre  (my favourite theatre!), for two weeks time. I’ve wanted to see this play since long before it’s West End transfer, and  after endlessly nagging my mum about it, she decided that seeing it was an absolute must. So, we booked it for the night before I return to school (essentially for year 13, as we’re doing A2 work and the year 13s have left, however not officially until september) following the long period of discussion, and I am over the moon. I’m slightly gutted that I didn’t get to see it earlier, and therefore won’t be able to go again, however seeing it once is enough and I feel extremely fortunate. This most certainly will be a treat, following exams, and hopefully it’ll be worth the wait.

Finally, and for the nearest to this date, I have money held back for ‘Wicked’, which I am going to try to day seat with my friend Treena (as has been mentioned previously in my Doctor Who Festival and Doctor Who Symphonic Spectacular posts last year). It would be a lie to say I’ve never seen the musical before, the first being around seven years ago (with my mother) and my most recent trip being with my grandma, which was, shamefully, over a year ago. I do love that musical. I mean, I do love a lot of musicals. I’m really praying we do get tickets (though, I’m sure my bank account is thinking the opposite) as I am figuratively dying to see it once more. This also, of course, guarantees us a trip to the Theatre Cafe; My favourite place; My home.

I guess this post is to state things I am looking forward to, being relevant to my one true love (performance). Have you got any upcoming theatre trips, or general things that you’re looking forward to?

Love always, Lauren xxx

Update: I went to see Wicked yesterday, thanks to the most dedicated fan I know (Treena) day seating for us from 6am. I owe her. It was amazing, and we indeed had the absolute best seats. Blog post to follow.

Media (featured image) credit to Timeout.

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