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‘Me Before You’ saviour pack.

Well, Me Before You. Isn’t it something?

If I have not made it quite evident in previous blog posts or on other forms of social media, for a long while, the book ‘Me Before You’ has been my favourite book, since I read it, a couple of years ago. The film adaptation, a screenplay also written by author Jojo Moyes, has, in the past week, been released, and my goodness. Oh, my goodness. It left me trembling in my bumble bee tights. I sat in my cinema seat crying through the credits (which I didn’t expect to not happen, seeing as I still cry for hours after re-reading the book every single time) and it is a given that you come prepared.

So, here’s a little bit of information on how to emotionally survive your journey, whilst watching the phenomenon. This also applies to the book, of course, but is tailored to the film adaptation due to its recent cinema release.

  1. This really does not need to be said, but you will need tissues; No. I’m serious. I decided against using a tissue as it was inevitable that i’d cry. I was just going to let myself feel and show emotion freely, in the dark room, and then planned to sort out my face afterwards, but that plan failed. I most certainly needed tissues, all of which ended up tatty from the anxious ripping of them, and tears, as a result of the disposition I was left in by the hard-hitting storyline I knew too well. I admittedly started crying when Lou offered to wrap a lady’s sandwich, still working at the buttered bun, no more than a minute in, and this seemed to follow with random emotional outbursts throughout. So, here’s some advice, aside the bringing tissues: Don’t be an overemotional, fictionally consumed seventeen year old. It will not work in your favour (until you giddily walk around in your bumble bee tights, with lack of care for judgement).
  2. WEAR YOUR BUMBLE BEE TIGHTS. WEAR THEM, AND BE PROUD. Seriously, the bumble bee tights I own (thank you, Shiri- My best friend got me a pair for my birthday, back in November.) are the best things that I own. They are my absolute prized possession, and I wear them with pride. “Black and yellow stripes.” “Oh, dear god.”” I just really really really liked having stripy legs.” bumble bee tights
  3. Bring your book! I know, I know, not everyone’s read it and I cannot force everyone to do so, especially as they’re seeing the film… But I can try? Honestly, although I adore the screenplay, Moyes’ writing is incredible. Plus, there are some vital scenes and concepts missing in the film; (SPOILERS) The tattoo; Some past on Louisa’s character and troubles she may have faced; An entire character; The emotions of certain characters; The balanced ethical argument. This is through no flaw of the film, due to the difficulties it would cause to portray them, but hey. Read the book. Anyway, the point I was trying to make is that your book can b a good cushion, comfort. I gripped my signed copy tightly throughout.
  4. Ice cream! Ice cream is an absolute saviour. I’ve never been a ‘Ben and Jerry’s and a sob’ kind of person, but there happened to be a Ben and Jerry’s stall at the Odeon in Uxbridge (where I saw Me Before You) and my mum offered my ice cream, so I gratefully received a scoop of cinnamon swirl, and a scoop of phish food. It tasted nice, and I needed it. It was comforting.
  5. “Didn’t you ever love anything that much?” Indeed, I did. The characters in this story. From page one of the book, two years ago, I fell in love. Step 5 of the Me Before You saviour pack is, well, to not fall in love. You will, inevitably, be consumed by the characters and the story, but it’ll save you so much pain if you can avoid it. So, beware.

live boldy

All I can say for prospective readers, and those who are looking to watch it, is good luck. You’ll need it. Love always, Lauren xxx

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