LGBT, politics

Pray for Orlando. 

No one, regardless of gender, sexuality, religion, race etc has the right to take another’s life. Nor does anyone have the right to take someone’s life DUE to these factors. This is not only an example of why the enforcement of gun laws etc ismore than necessary, but an example of how disgusting and full of hate society still is, in 2016, when many claim that we live in a better and more accepting world. Indeed, there have been many things to suggest society is working on being better for all, but it is events like this that once more remind us the world of hate and lack of acceptance that we live in. I hope that all in Orlando are safe, and my prayers go out to all whom have been impacted by this. This shows us why such events and movements as pride are needed, and this is a chance for us all to stand with the LGBT+ community to become stronger and remember that there is love in this world (and you can love whoever you goddamn want to).

This is only a short post. A message in light of last night’s events in America, but I just had to say it. Featured image credit 

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