Vote, vote, VOTE. 

Today, the 23rd June 2016, is a day that will go down in history, whatever happens. If we choose to remain in the EU, this day and the era of hype around the topic prior to it is a thing that will be remembered. If we choose to leave, well, that’s a big step.  I don’t have to tell you why it will be remembered.

Although I do have a strong opinion on how I think the referendum should go, that is not the point of this post. Plus, I’m not legally allowed to vote, being a 17 year old, despite being more politically enthusiastic than most adults I know (even my father, who views politics as highly important, claims I ‘tire him out’ with how frequently and passionately I speak about politics constantly).

I just wanted to emphasise something. It is absolutely vital that if you are eligible to vote, you do. I could list all of the reasons why you should vote, from the typical but very true ‘People fought so hard for your right to vote’  to the emphasising the point that it is in fact your civil duty, as a citizen, to do so.

I’d also just like to comment on the argument that I’ve heard many times: “My vote won’t count anyway, so what’s the point?”

THERE IS A HUGE POINT. Your vote only will not count if you don’t make it count!!! And do you know how you don’t make your vote count? You don’t vote. Do you know, however, how you DO make your vote count? Well, that’s quite simple. You VOTE. Whether it seems it or not, every single vote counts. Every vote. If five thousand of the electorate do not vote because ‘it isn’t going to count’, then five thousand votes will be lost to one campaign, or four thousand to one, one thousand to another, or three thousand to one, two to another. There are many, many variations, but truly, every vote counts. So cast yours. Have your voice heard.

My point is, if you don’t do anything else today, make sure you vote. Please, VOTE, VOTE, VOTE.

It is so, so important that you take a small moment out of your day to influence a decision that could impact the rest of your life.

Now, although this post is more about fulfilling your duty as part of the electorate, I would like to add something: Please, do the right thing, and VOTE REMAIN. It is clear that the Leave campaign have little just arguments (without being offensive) and we are a lot better off, as are many others, in the EU. So, please, VOTE REMAIN. And if you’re unsure, Vote Remain- you can always change your mind later, whereas Leaving (which is the wrong decision) is more permanent. 

Though, having said that, and being a strong remain campaigner, I would rather you vote leave than not at all. I am all for democracy and this vote needs to be legitimate, more than any other.

Thank you. Love always, Lauren. And don’t forget: VOTE! Xxx

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