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March For Europe and democracy.

First and foremost, I respect democracy. Despite my own political views, I have made it very clear for a long time that democracy is what I value most. I may not agree with what is democratically consented some of the time, but regardless, I would rather be living by policies with a strong mandate than something that is not widely accepted.

I, very briefly, attended the ‘March For Europe’ event in London, on Saturday 2nd July. I couldn’t arrive until later and therefore joined when it had reached Parliament Square, but for a short time, I attended.

I was initially very wary about attending. I was aware that there were many pro-EU campaigners marching solely on the hope to remain in the EU, and being on the remain side myself, this didn’t displease me, but their defiance of democracy did.

What do I stand for?

The reason I attended the movement was not to go against the referendum, but to make sure people understood this message: LIES DAMAGE DEMOCRACY.

I was at the march to make the point that lies do not align with democracy. The leave campaign appears to solely be based on lies, so how can the politicians that people are relying on be trusted or called democratic?

Another reason thing I stand for is the need for a general election. When Labour were dominating Parliament, the Conservative party insisted that Blair held an election and called them out for Brown’s lack of mandate. Why are they not following their own advice? Despite the fact we do not live in a country where the leader/Prime Minister is officially presidential, the Conservative party was voted into government under Cameron’s more liberal leadership, so being replaced by someone as right wing as Gove or May would not be fair.

The UK is also going through (if Article 50 is triggered) a massive constitutional change and (especially seeing as Vote Leave appear to have no plan) we should be able to decide who leads us through that, and who is best to govern.

So, no, I was not making a stand against democracy, but for it, in a purer form.

It would be nice if people stopped making all people trying to have their voice heard seem like villains, because though some people are using it to wrongly defy democracy, there are a lot of people who just want messages (such as lies damage democracy) heard. Therefore, they are simply following the Freedom of Speech that has been granted to us.

This is emphasised through the fact it is democratic to politically participate in society.

Keep being democratic, politically participating, sparkly humans.

Love always, Lauren xxx

(Here are some pictures from the march):

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