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A tribute to Hannah Baqar. 

There is nothing that I can do or say to commemorate the life of my wonderful friend, Hannah Baqar, as it should be remembered. She was the most incredible person that I’ve had the good fortune of knowing.

Many of us, including myself, have lost a close friend, and many others have lost someone they respected so dearly.

My last memory of Hannah is seeing her absolutely beaming. She was laughing and she was happy, and I’m glad I have the smile that could brighten anyone’s day engrained in my memory.

This was just a month ago.

I’m sorry that you had to endure so much pain in your life, but you were a fighter, and I don’t think I know a single person stronger.

Thank you for being you, and I’m sorry that this world has lost someone so wonderful, so early.

Hannah was my first friend in the Doctor Who community, and almost four years ago, welcomed me with open arms, being the absolute model fan. I don’t think I’d be so involved now, in so many ways, if it wasn’t for Hannah, nor would I have met many friends I value so dearly.

She was always someone you could rely on, and being able to see her face, when I could, was a highlight.

I’m so glad she got to do many things she wished for, such as cosplay and meet people who meant so much to her, but she was taken from us too early.

Thank you, Hannah, for the never ending supply of positivity, despite what you were going through yourself (a key example is when she thanked many of us for our friendship, told us how much she valued us and supplied us with positive quotes that helped her through, just after getting out of hospital).

I love and miss you lots, Hannah. I hope you’re in less pain now.

Rest In Peace, you will never be forgotten. ❤️

I hope that some day, I am able to write a more comprehensive piece to remember you. Knowing your gone is still difficult to process. 

Photo credit: Josh Whipps

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