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Harvest 2016

If you’re not a Watford Grammar gal, the excitement around finally achieving the six year long dream of becoming your typical bunch of harvest grapes may seem an odd concept.

What do you mean by ‘becoming a harvest grape’? In year 7 (or in the following years for anyone who joined later), the beginning of the term blessed us with many assemblies- start how you mean to go on, right? In all honesty, assemblies are usually not everyone’s favourite part of the day, but let’s give my school credit- we’ve had some pretty funky ones. However, the most important assembly of the year is harvest assembly. No, not the assembly on the day of harvest, but that promoting it.

(I’ll just add a note in, now: This has nothing to do with religion etc, it’s just a fun thing that my Sixth Form does)

At the beginning of October, the whole school has a shock. There’s an incident in assembly- like a phone going off, the radio booming, someone being outrageous. The rest of the school fear for the criminal of this act’s life, but not for long; Moments later, the curtains of the stage open to reveal that year 13 have been working long and hard on a musical number to promote harvest to the school (in other words, we sing and dance to motivate the younger years to bring in food that we can donate to members of the local community).

The head girl team are the ones who make it all happen. This year, we had a bit of Beyoncé, Justin Bieber, Rihanna, and of course, the classic Watford Girls version of Katy Perry’s California Girls. However, the lyrics had all been changed to hold some significance in promoting that non-perishable foods should be brought to school and placed in each individual’s form box. And they are incredibly catchy lyrics.

Not only is this the most exciting assembly of the year for the entire school, but it was the highlight of my school life. I have been looking forward to being a part of harvest assembly for 6 years, and finally, my year had their turn.

It was incredible. I don’t know what the rest of the school thought about it, but it was amazing to be a part of. Who knew you could feel so good whilst begging 11 year olds to bring in curly pasta and baked beans?

Did I mention you get to dress up? Not only do you get to sing about food and dance to your year’s own musical number, but you get to be the food. Of course, I went as a typical bunch of harvest grapes (one of my balloons popped during love on top, so I got a laugh from year 10 but I thought it was hilarious too, so I’m presuming they were laughing with me) and I didn’t realise how happy I would be to achieve that dream. I was over the moon at the end of last week. Over the moon. I want to do it again.

This yearly tradition has been something that all Watford Girls have looked forward to from the start of their school and sixth form life to the very end, and as it seemed like such a significant event in my life, I thought I would share it with all of you.

Below, I have attached a collection of photographs from the two days that my dreams came true!

L-R: Anya, Niamh, Chloe, Adelaide, Lauren (hidden-ish), Nishadi, Louise (hidden-ish)
L-R: Lauren (myself), Louise, Adelaide, Rosemary, Niamh
My favourite beans ❤️ (or banana and spaghetti hoops)- Louise and Adelaide
A balanced diet! Krishma and I.

I’m excited for when we go around town delivering the food to member of the community, soon!

Love always, Lauren xx

Apologies for my erratic posting pattern- UCAS is taking over my life. 

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