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I’m 18! 

Well… I haven’t posted in quite a while, so before I start working on, editing and deleting many backdated posts and ideas that may or may not go to waste, I may as well update you on something which I guess you could call pretty important.

I’d make it out as if there was some dramatic drumroll, but quite frankly, the title of this post gives it away… I’m 18!!!

Yep, the big birthday arrived. I’M ACTUALLY AN ADULT. November 3rd was a weird day. Becoming an adult simply feels weird.

For me, the excitement was mostly the idea of being 18. That big scary number, turning me into a grown up and symbolising my extended existence on this planet. This is said because I don’t drink or involve myself in any of the exciting perks adulthood brings, apart from one thing that I really, really care about… I CAN VOTE. A few people laughed when I screamed with excitement about the fact that I could exercise my democratic duty and legally have my voice heard, but it is something that’s so, so important to me. Unbelievably so.

Yeah, my 18th birthday was pretty good. On the day, I was, of course, at sixth form, and one of my lessons was cancelled, leaving me with English (my favourite, so that’s always a joy), the year 9 English class which I help out in (this was incredibly interesting and beneficial for my confidence- and hopefully for my goal of becoming an English teacher myself), and Politics. In politics, we all shared a Colin the Caterpillar cake which I brought in, so it was pretty epic. I also got falafel from the falafel market stall on Watford High Street, at lunch time, and that and the halloumi sent me to HEAVEN. Chloe can vouch, it was a falafel PILGRIMAGE. My friends also bought Louise and I a red velvet cake, to celebrate, which was the cutest thing ever.

In the evening, I went out with my family. We went to the Runnymede hotel and the food was divine, but waaay too filling. I’m happy though, because it was a beautiful place and many members of my family were there, making it particularly special. I even got a photo with my uncle who refuses to take photos! That evening, I felt kind of good in my new dress and courting around my 18 balloons. All of the standard birthday photos were snapped by my mother.

The following day, I was lucky enough to see ‘Comus’ at the Sam Wanamaker playhouse! My lovely friend Saskia gave me a ticket for my birthday and there’s honestly nothing better than going to the theatre with your friend. I’m hoping to post about how phenomenal it was soon, because I was truly blown away. On our way home, however, we managed to make a 17 minute tube journey an hour and a half due to getting carried away and chatting, and getting on the tube the wrong way or forgetting to get off. Somehow, this kept happening. It was rather amusing, and though we were a mess (mostly expressed through fits of laughter), it was a great evening.

The following weekend, I had a party. This celebration was a gathering of my friends (from work and school) where we planned to watch rent, but ended up getting so distracted and chatting, laughing, and having a good time. It was slightly crazy and I did get a little stressed at points in fear that things were not perfect, but I had an inedible evening and hope my friends did too.

This doesn’t technically count, but I also went out this weekend! It was my friend Tolia’s 18th, so I went to her birthday party at a place called Faborjé in Watford. It was great, as I was allowed to stay out beyond 9pm (as the venue transformed), though I was so tired I did choose to go home not long after that and Sóley and I went back to mine where we chilled in a comfortable environment. When I have more energy, I have promised to go out with my 18+ friends though, because it was a lot more fun than I expected and being T total isn’t actually difficult when places serve mocktails (like my ‘The Designated Driver). 

So here are the adventures of Lauren turning 18. This wasn’t a very interesting post, but I will get back to it soon. I have a lot of things to talk about.

Love always, Lauren xxx
Here’s a bonus photo of me and my baby, twilight 1kg! 

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