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Myself and one of my best friends have had a similar mindset, in every situation for the past two years: I DON’T CARE, WHEN CAN I WATCH MOANA?!? Of course, when Moana finally came out, we went to the first screening we could, on the release date. In the UK, that was 2nd December, or last Friday.

Your favourite girl gang

Following Moana, I. Am. Not. Okay. Is anyone?!?

You know those films that you knew how much you truly needed, but not how much you needed the moral message of the story. I needed it, and truly, it’s keeping me from giving up on many, many things.

Moana is an incredibly inspiring story, which took my fancy due to

  1. Being a Disney film
  2. Being about mythology
  3. Having music written by Lin-Manuel Miranda
  4. Pippa Soo

My gosh, was it phenomenal?!? I cried so many times, purely from the beauty of it. The music is beautiful, the characters are beautiful, the story is beautiful.

By far, it is the best film I have ever seen and surely my favourite.

I have the soundtrack on repeat at the moment, and am constantly on the look out for merch.

Moana is such an inspiring story and character and I love her strong will and the self-empowerment embodied throughout, portraying a message both personal and with feminist undertones. It is also beautiful due to the cultural aspects- Moana is not your typical, white Disney princess. It is emphasised that she’s not a princess throughout, and unless you’re totally missing the story and mythology (which the story is based around), that she is Polynesian.

HOW FAR I’LL GO IS MY JAM. My JAM. I love it SO much.

If you don’t get the chance to see it, PLEASE listen to the soundtrack because there is nothing more beautiful than the film and the music compliments it very well. Plus, it was written by Lin, my angel.

Here are a few pictures me and Sóley took… We were crying. We love Moana.

Moana hugs

Matching Moana t-shirts!

Update: A true promise is swearing on Moana. 

Lots of love, Lauren xxx

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