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Blogmas: Day 10. Lush Christmas!

There’s something funny about this post; I’m sitting here writing it whilst I would usually be at work, working for Lush. If it wasn’t for my EDS, that is (my hypermobile body hates me). I do wish I could be at work today, as I really do enjoy working for Lush and it has massively impacted my life in so many ways, but i’ve been given the week off to rest- especially as it’s December and bound to get extremely busy, therefore not exactly ideal for someone in pain, on crutches.

Anyway, on to the post. Day 10 of Blogmas is a post about my Lush Christmas favourites. This is going to be a difficult one, as I adore every single product, but I shall give it a go. I also recently posted about Lush festivities, before choosing to do Blogmas and being aware that the prompt for day 10 was in fact Lush!!!

I’m going to start with the thing that most people probably associate the ethical company with; bath bombs.

There are so many bath bombs I could write about, especially as Lush have released many new and re-designed bath bombs this year, but the word ‘favourites’ means I do have to narrow it down.

It wouldn’t be Christmas without a ‘Golden Wonder’ bath bomb. With uplifting orange and lime oils, the tangy citrus scents are perfect to target your winter blues. Not only that, but it smells INCREDIBLE. Another upside, of course, is the glitter. The beautiful sparkling exterior is enough to sell to anyone, but when you consider what’s inside, you’ll be over the moon. It’s a piercing blue colour that turns your bath an extraordinary colour,  and it even rattles like a present!!! What more could you wish for?

My favourite newbie-bath bomb has to be ‘Never Mind The Ballistics’. Again, this is packed with orange and lime oil, but (disregarding how bright the colours are) the things that makes it stand out for me is the nourishing layer of cocoa butter that melts in the bath. It really does make your skin softer than anything imaginable.

Onto the shower gels! I have a lot to say about shower gels, of course, my first favourite being ‘Twilight’, the exclusive released by Oxford Street for Christmas this year. I managed to nab a twilight in the ‘Relax’ gift set, but that was only 1oog and I need way more twilight shower gel in my life. If you’ve ever smelled the twilight bath bomb, it smell like that, but more heavenly. It’s filled with lavender and tonka, and I urge you to buy some.

Then, of course, I present to you… SNOW FAIRY SHOWER GEL. Who doesn’t love the candy floss scented shower gel? Well, I do know a few people, but a minimal amount, and that was a rhetorical question to emphasise the beauty of this limited edition product’s scent. This year, they also added a body conditioner to the vast array of products that share snow fairy’s scent (such as Magic Wand, Candy Mountain, Fairy Dust, Father Christmas…) and it is flawless. As someone who regularly forgets to moisturise outside the shower, this product is perfect for me and allows me to have a matching scent collection.

I would also highly recommend the ‘Santa baby’ lip tint, which is a beautiful, long lasting red colour, and it moisturises well! I love this as it isn’t as intense a colour as a lipstick may be, but still looks amazing with both a full and bare faced look.

Now, I would recommend a lot more but wouldn’t wanted to get repetitive with bath products etc, so am going to stop here, but can assure you that the future will definitely bring many more lush posts! I (obviously, since I work there) that there are many more product categories than the popular ones that I have written about, however, I tend to use all-year-round skincare products, and since this is a festive, blogmas post, I think that is something I can discuss in the future.

I hope this encourages you to head out to my beloved, vegetarian, people and animal loving beauty company and treat yourself to a festive bath bomb!

Happy Blogmas!

Love always, Lauren xxx

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