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Blogmas: Day 11. Favourite festive film!

Favourite Christmas film… Hmm. This has reminded me that I have watched nativity way too few times this year!

It’s actually quite funny, right now i’m sitting listening to the Sweeny Todd soundtrack and thinking about whether it’s acceptable to recommend that during this post… But no. I don’t think it comes close to being festive…

Anyway, the category of favourite Christmas film allows me to mention three incredible films, and technically still only be deciding on one favourite! My favourite Christmas film is, you’ve guessed it, Nativity (2009). It is a trilogy, and what an incredible trilogy it is. Of course, the first Nativity is the best. I fell in love with it when I went to the cinema with my mum, dad and sister on Christmas Eve 2009, and let’s just say, I am very obsessed with it now.

First of all, the plots are so creative, family friendly and uplifting! With adorable primary school children in all of them (I wish I could be them, if i’m honest), it is super duper heartwarming.

My second reason for adoring this film is my love for the catchy music. Christmas, theatre style music that is incredibly catchy. Listen to the soundtrack and you’ll get it..

Also, the actors are top notch. Seriously. Nativity has Martin Freeman in it, the second film David Tennant, and the third, Catherine Tate! Where is the flaw in that line up? I see none.

Mr Poppy is also the quirkiest, most energetic character the world has ever been blessed with. I know the point of it, essentially, is that he bonds with the children and causes chaos, but even as an aspiring teacher, how can you not love him?!?

The first film starts with the story of Mr Maddens (Martin Freeman) and essentially, how he became a scrooge. He gets competitive upon meeting his self-indulgent university acquaintance, and lies about a Hollywood producer coming to see his nativity show- thanks to his ex-girlfriend, who left him at Christmas time. Of course, none of it is true, but thanks to Mr Poppy spreading this rumour, Mr Maddens is determined to make it something, so goes on a mission to not let the Children down. Will the Roman Catholic production ever make the children Hollywood stars?

The second film presents challenges that are not dissimilar. Following Mr Maddens’ resignation, Mr Peterson (David Tennant) takes over from the troublesome class who want to enter a prestige singing competition in Wales. Dedicating their lives to rehearsals, Mr Poppy doesn’t want to let the children down, so takes them on a duck-car (floating vehicle). Will they make it to Wales and win national prestige in time for Christmas?

The third film, featuring Catherine Tate, follows the father of a new child’s memory loss and take the class and teachers all the way to New York! Will this adventure on an international scale help Lauren get her father back? Can the children give her the best Christmas present?

The third film, I admit, I have only seen twice. At the cinema on the day it came out, and once more on the big screen. I would love to watch it again but am yet to source it on DVD. I will surely be having a marathon this year, though!

As you can see, the Nativity trilogy is rather exciting and extremely heartwarming. It 100% recommend watching them, and again, and again. Trust me, when you’ve seen it once, you won’t be able to get enough.

So, here’s my top Christmas film! What do you all think of Nativity, and what’s your favourite festive film? Feel free to contact me on any social media and let me know!

On the note of social media, I actually now have a new blog-dedicated Facebook page! It would be SO great if you could give it a like, and I promise, i’ll keep you up to date with any new posts, plus you may see some exclusive creative things, such as photography and performing arts! I hope you enjoy the page as much as i’m sure i’ll enjoy running it.

So, let me know what you favourite films are- I can actually give you my top 5! Of course, i’ve mentioned nativity, but how can you not love ‘Miracle on 34th street’ and ‘Elf’? Plus, although they’re not strictly festive, it seems traditional to watch ‘Matilda’ and the ‘Shrek’ series at this time of year, and they make me, so, so happy!

I hope you love Christmas films as much as I do, and writing this has really inspired me, so i’m off to watch Nativity.

Love always, and I hope you’re having a fantastic Christmas period, Lauren xxx


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