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Blogmas: Day 12.

Hello dear readers!

I hope you’re enjoying my contributions to blogmas 2016, I’m enjoying making them!

Now, today, I’ve decided to do something a little different. As it’s blogmas, there is some room for what, as a writer, I could call experimental blogging. So, what have I done, you ask?

For day 12, I have… VLOGGED. Today’s blogmas is technically a vlogmas!!!

So, this was a pretty scary thing for me to do; I hide behind my pen and paper, not talk to a camera.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy it, and here’s to a new blogging format!


I hope you enjoy today’s post on ‘How do you decorate?’

Love always, Lauren xxx

(PS- Don’t worry if the picture opens you to a link- It will be taking you to the YouTube link of the video)

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