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Blogmas: Day 13. Puns and cartoons. 

Hello all!!!

I hope you’re enjoying my Blogmas posts so far. I’m really enjoying writing them (or in yesterday’s case, videoing them! How did you find that?)

Anyway, I’m sorry this is up so late today, but I’m currently in the hospital, a little spaced out from painkillers, and trying to kill time. I desperately wanted to still post today, and am not as organised as I have been for the rest of this month (well, essentially few days), but this is a good way to pass the time.

Sooo, this is not actually what a planned to do today, nor a prompt, but it’s a bit of on-the-spot fun, and trust me, I needed this for my own company.

There are two parts to today’s blog post; puns and cartoons. Of course, they’re all Christmas themed, because what would Blogmas be if not a treat?!


I have saved many Christmas puns in photo format, so below you can see them! 


These have all been sourced from

The penguin one is my favourite, but I was particularly thinking of my friends Chloe (chemistry) and Ad (cats) whilst choosing these!

Hope these have cheered you up as much as they amused me!

Love always, Lauren xxx

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