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Blogmas: Day 16. Christmas Wishes.

In all honesty, I meant to post this two days ago. Of course you know that, because blogmas is a daily and I haven’t posted since day 13. Oops? I do apologise, but i’ve had a lot of school work to do.

The prompt for a few days ago ‘what are you asking Santa for?’, so I have decided to follow that- with a spin. Therefore, today’s blogmas topic is ‘Christmas Wishes’.

I have many wishes, not just for myself, but for my friends and family, too, but I cannot say they are solely wishes for Christmas. They are wishes I hope will survive the whole year. However, the best present I could ever receive would be these coming true.

So, without further ado: What is it that I wish for?

  1. As typical as it may sound, there is nothing I want more than happiness for my friends and family.
  2. Good health for those whom I care about. I know that this is not something that can be magicked up, but nothing hurts more than seeing my loved ones in pain.
  3. Motivation to push on through life and with work, and earn what I truly deserve
  4. A sense of self worth and self love.
  5. For positive beams to shine out of my face so I can always look lovely (hello to a paraphrase of the legendary author Roald Dahl).
  6. Equality. Gender equality, sexual equality, economic equality, equality regarding opportunities, a rise of health and happiness for those less fortunate.
  7. The saving of innocent lives eg. allowing civilians to escape Allepo (I mean, obviously an end to the fighting full stop would be more ideal)

Of course, I have many more wishes to improve our society and make it a fairer, more peaceful place. But for now, I shall just continue to exercise my democrartic right to campaign for such.

Now, I think I should follow the original prompt, too and move onto the physical presents I have asked for for Christmas.

  • A pair of hoographic Doc Martens. I love glitter, I love shoes, I’ve always wanted DMs. What’s better?
  • Pajamas, of course. And a dressing gown. Disney, of course.
  • I’ve actually also asked for Hamilton: An American Musical pillows. I love being comfortable, and I love Hamilton.
  • SOCKS!!!
  • Books. I love literature.

What have you asked for, for Christmas? I would love to know!

Love always, Lauren xxx

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