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Christmas with Chronic illness(es).

I’m going to start off by saying, no, this is not going to be me complaining, nor am I claiming to be hard done by, but on behalf of both myself and my dear friends who suffer with chronic illnesses, I feel obliged to write this post.

I don’t have it hard, but I don’t have it easy either. Illness is rubbish and despite those that I do have, I am very, very lucky when it comes to health, but some people very close to me suffer much worse than I do, however, I still get them and how they feel.

As you may have seen in my previous blog posts or on my social media, I am currently on crutches, thanks to my good friend hypermobility. You may or may not have heard of it, but it’s a lovely condition where I have what is referred to as ‘Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome’ and it isn’t the easiest of things. I am chronically fatigued, my organs like to give me a shock every once in a while (the regular blackouts, the daily palpitations and chest pains) and my joints don’t like to… Well, join. I also have the joys of chronic migraines, asthma, and mental health issues which I will never be able to escape and are, once more, debilitating daily.

Now, this sounds like nothing, and yes, compared to someone I know, my health is flawless, but it doesn’t mean I don’t struggle. Especially as I’m having a rather bad EDS flare currently, which I suppose is what caused the displacement of my hip.

Now, a dear friend of mine tweeted me something that sparked something. I totally appreciate the gesture and love, but the fact that I wish the earth’s magic powers could do this angered me.

I was, essentially, told ‘I hope the Christmas spirit makes you better!’

I really don’t think I can put my hip back into place with a candy cane, or my codine will suddenly have fairy dust in it, or the elves’ cookies will stop me from blacking out multiple times a day and forgetting 90% of what I want or need to say before saying it, or I’ll be any less tired because of Santa Claus. I am physically broken and suffering with a chronic syndrome that’s going to follow me in my joints and organs for the rest of my life.

I speak on behalf of anyone suffering with a chronic illness, be it moderate or severe- you are all so valid and do not deserve any of this- but we would appreciate the understanding. We also do appreciate the love and support.

Thank you for reading this. It’s very important.

Lauren Curr. 

On a lighter note, here are my crutch festivities!

2 thoughts on “Christmas with Chronic illness(es).”

  1. First let me say, this is your blog and you can “complain” or whatever you want to do here. Having a bad day isn’t complaining, and if we write about a bad day and other’s don’t want to read it, they can move on. I suffer with many invisible, chronic illnesses. Your’s are no less significant than mine. They just aren’t. Chronic illness is chronic illness and it doesn’t ever go away. Anyone living with chronic illness understands how it is for anyone else suffering with chronic illness (es). I find myself always saying, “it could always be worse” because I think no matter how bad off someone may be, it really could always be worse. I mean, you could die………….that’s the worst of worse…………, yes, it can always be worse. And, it’s taken me awhile and I’m an intelligent person, to realize that the only people that truly understand what it is we go through, are other people that belong to this same miserable club. Every chronic illness has bad symptoms and, in my opinion, chronic illness is chronic illness, no matter how you look at it. The difficult part is getting people that aren’t sick to understand, if even just a little………………………………maybe just a little empathy????? I’m struggling with this exact issue with my own family……………I’m so tired of having to defend myself for being sick, very sick…..I’m not terminally ill, or not that I’m aware of anyway……..Anyone that knows me, knows I was always a very active, social, people person. I never sat down, ever……………….except at work once I was no longer working as a nurse. So, for me to go from that to spending most of my life in bed is really, really hard…..Chronic illness is lonely. I don’t do lonely very well……….people I called friends and family, don’t even bother calling me, let alone coming to see me, nor giving a flying fuck about me!!!!! And, that is hard. That is sad. But, on the brighter side……I started blogging almost 4 years ago and have met many people I now call friends and guess what? They are the only people that understand. For that, I am thankful. Take care. I enjoyed this post! 🙂


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