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Merry Christmas! Traditions and my day (the end of Blogmas 2016)

Hello to you all again, and a Merry Christmas! I hope yesterday was joyous for you, whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukah or any other festival at this time of year.

I once more apologise for my lack of consistency when it comes to blogmas. The end of term has been hectic and Christmas has been a family, and mostly electronics free affair.

I start this final blogmas post on the topic of ‘traditions’. I shall extend this to festive traditions, rather than solely focusing on the big day.

First of all, I’ll mention ‘Nativity’, again. After seeing the film on Christmas Eve 2009, I wouldn’t dare not watching it in December. I adore it. On the topic of television, I also ensure that I watch Doctor Who and Strictly on the day, but who doesn’t?

Something we do as a family every year is spend Christmas at my Grandparents’ house. It’s a lovely thing that my family has done since I was a child and I think all years but one have been spent there. Whilst there, we also play board games religiously.

I have recently started a new tradition; Hair dyeing. Sounds oddunnamed-hair-dye, but last year, I spontaneously dyed my hair purple. I did post about it, so if you’re interested, feel free to have a browse of my blog. This year, I felt the urge to dye my hair pink, and I LOVE it. SO much. I’m not sure my family are too keen, but hey ho, it’s my hair, my life… I’m happy. I also feel a little bit like Ariel, who I know has red hair, but trust me, when I’m in a Lush bath (since dying my hair I have used Shoot for the stars and Golden Wonder bath bombs- both of which turn the bath blue and remind me of Moana!) I cannot simply be ‘Lauren’, ‘Laur’, or ‘Bee’ anymore, I Ariel. This is especially as from day-to-day, I am usually seen as Merida, even to the extent that John Barrowman has called me Merida and I’ve had children talk to me or point, at least, in the street, due to the resemblance (well, it’s basically just my hair and being Scottish, but even so).

Do you know, I haven’t planned this very well? I’m sure we have other traditions, but I have seemed to forget.

Now, onto my day. And eve. And eve-eve.

On the 23rd, I went to my lovely friend Anenti’s house for her annual Christmas party. It was so lovely to essentially have a second Christmas with my friends, who I do indeed regard as a family. It was also very nice to be invited as I’ve never been before but have become a lot closer with that friendship group recently and it felt both validating and welcoming (and they know they’re not getting rid of me).

Above I’ve attatched some pictures of us at sports day, earlier this year.

On Christmas eve, I went to my Grandparents’ house. We baked christmas cookies (thank you, Nigella) and popped to the vintage shop down the road, where I was able to get the present from my uncle (as my Grandma was holding some money from him back). It was generally a joyous family day.

In the evening, me and my grandma decided to go to midnight mass. I’m not particularly religious, but as someone who has been christened, I thought it was maybe important to go once. The year of my 28th seemed a good year to start. I did like it- it gave me a community feeling.

On Christmas morning, I was buzzing to get up, awake for hours before I decided to make my whole family a cup of tea to wake them up calmly. We opened presents around 8am and then had some breakfast.

Later in the day, Christmas was as normal- food, board games, and being totally consumed by our new gifts. I did indeed read a lot. We had a typical Christmas dinner and I’m not going to lie to you, I then ell asleep… For three hours. It really didn’t refresh me and I only felt ill afterwards, so went on a walk to feel a little better and clear my head. It was well needed and I saw many beautiful decorations that I didn’t know were up in my grandparents’ area.

So, I had a good Christmas day, it was just very tiring.

How was your day? What did you do? Was it traditional, either in a family sense or religiously?

Love always, Lauren xxx

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