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Let’s adventure into chaos! (Why did I visit the Boxing Day Sales?)

Disclaimer: I know this is a little late. I did write it on boxing day.

Okay, the title may be a little dramatic. I only visited two shops in a comparably quiet retail park, but my Grandad was in a bit of a panic about being out of the house on Boxing Day.

Half way through the day, I made the decision to venture into Boots and Home Sense to check out their sales. I know Boots tend to always have amazing sales on their gift sets, even up until the New Year, so the short hop to the shops was worth the risk.

Although it was a small Boots branch with few gifts left, they did have what I was looking for. For a while, I’ve been in adoration of Jack Wills, once more. I loved the brand years ago, when living in Windsor and the walk to the highly acclaimed ‘University outfitters’ (Year 8 me wanted to pretend I was older. Now I understand the stress) was rather peaceful. I managed to find a few JW cosmetics in boots, which were things that I actually needed; A make up brush set in a beautiful case, and some hair accessories. They were both reduced to half price, making them more than reasonably priced and I just couldn’t resist.

I then headed to Home Sense, TK Maxx’s no 2 shop, which I love. Oh, I could buy so much homeware I don’t need in there! Luckily, my Grandad’s shopping frustration held me back, but not in time for me to stop myself from buying a French Vanilla and Cinnamon coffee and mug set, and a design book on New York. I am in love with New York as a city, and the capital of my favourite thing, musicals, so seeing this for less than £4 made me very happy.

SO, not a lot, but I thought I’d tell you of my retail haul.

Thanks for reading! Lauren xxx

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