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A video for the end of the month- Feb 2017

I’ve seen a lot of people do the ‘a second a day’ videos every month (for the past two) in 2017 and I have to say, I’m totally gutted I didn’t have the initiative to do that. However, last week I was lucky enough to get a new phone (iPhone 6S in Rose Gold- it’s beautiful) and last night I was just having a play around on the new iOS and unknown features, and I stumbled across something- my phone had made a little video for me. Now, I wasn’t too sure on what this would be like, but I still opened it and watched it. After watching it once, I couldn’t help myself- I watched it about five times before deciding that because it made me so happy, I’d like to share it. SO, last night, I put it up on my YouTube channel, and I thought i’d share it with you all.

The video includes me crying to my best friend about the lack of attention she was giving me, our trip to God’s Own Junkyard, me on the tube next to a reeeeeeeally tall person, my other best friend’s  birthday celebrations and many other aspects of my week, the week ending February and trailing into march. Most of the content is actually made up from Live photos (that therefore seem like videos) but some of the content is obviously video-recorded. Anyway, I hope you enjoy!

Though, it does appear this plays better on a phone.

Love always, Laur xxx

PS: Check out my new poem, ‘The Barrel’, here:

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