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‘Cause Finding Wonderland means going home again…

Yesterday, I was going about my day as any other by singing some of the songs from my favourite musicals and Disney films to myself. when I had a short moment of confidence and decided to record ‘Finding Wonderland’ from Wonderland: The Musical. I genuinely liked my voice, too, so in celebration of seeing the musical next month, I decided to share the said video to YouTube. This was pretty terrifying for me, and I’m still fearful that people think i’m an absolute idiot for doing so, but hey, it’s out there now, why not share it?

Performing is one of my biggest passions, undeniably, and I really do love it, so have chosen to share this performance with you ♥

Enjoy! I hope it’s not too bad.

Love always, Laur xxx

[Lauren Curr, 05/03/2017]

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