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Recipe #1- Laur’s smoothie pick of the week. 

Simplicity tells a wild tale.

On Friday night, I decided to mix my own smoothie up and it was very ‘on-the-spot’. Due to this, and the (sometimes) extortionate price fresh fruit can be, I pretty much had to invent something magical with a bare-looking fruit bowl. When I was getting my five a day earlier on, I didn’t reallt plan ahead.

So, I dipped into the bowl to find it was pretty much full to the rim of bananas. Multiple bananas. I’m sure there was enough for someone to overdose on potassium in that bowl. I really, then, was stuck, but craving a smoothie, I had a scowl around the kitchen for more ingredients, which I found and made an incredible smoothie with.

So, I’ll let you in on my secret. I may even post more recipes in the future.

Here I am, loving life with my smoothie.

Here goes.


  • 2 bananas
  • A glass of apple juice
  • ‘Bonne Maman’ Rhubarb conserve (1tbsp)
  • ‘The Eastern Pantry’ Pear and Chai spice jam (1tbsp)
  • Ground cinnamon (2tsp)

The above jams can be replaced with other brands; I find M&S’ Rhubarb Conserve to be glorious, but I just listed the brands as I had never, before last week, seen the Pear and Chai jam. If you can’t find it, I bought it at the Eat17 shop in Walthamstow Village.


  • Chop up your two bananas and stick them in your blender. I use a smoothie maker myself, but either works.
  • When the bananas are a creamy/gloopy consistency, add the apple juice, jam, and conserve. Blend these together until the consistency appears to be smooth, but not too thin.
  • Add the cinnamon; First add a singular teaspoon, then blend, and if that’s not too flavoursome for you, continue to the two. If you like, more cinnamon is an option, but I only used this amount.
  • Put in a lovely glass or jar bought intentionally to serve smoothies. Viola!

I know I’m no masterchef, but really, this tasted so good and I thought ‘Hey, I have a blog. Why not share this with the world?’

Here’s to more recipes[that]canmakeusfly! And not in some crazy redbull sense (though, seeing as I’ve never tried redbull, I don’t know if I have the authority to comment on that- I’ve just seen the adverts). 

Love always, Laur xxx

[Lauren Curr, 03.03.17]

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