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Studyblr and bullet journaling

A few days ago, I made the decision to create a ‘studyblr’/’studygram’ blog on the social media site ‘Instagram’. I did this as my relationship with studying, I feel, is faltering. My education has been severely hindered this year due to ill-health, and that upset me as I am extremely passionate about my subjects. Anyway, this was created to improve my relationship with studying and it has so far worked and calmed me about my education situation- a lot.

The second part of this comes in the form of a bullet journal. Initially, I started bullet journaling in February 2016, but soon, after discovering the time it involved and my lack of ability to make it look pretty, gave up. I resumed this practice in May, post AS exams, whilst I visited universities and museums for enrichment and to make a decision about my future. It actually came in very handy for organising everything, what with al the moving about and just the general need to organise my disorganised life. I am pretty proud of many of the pages in that journal- more the art pages than spreads, as my general layout was basic and grim (not that basic is grim, but mine was both). This continued throughout summer and up until around the point I went to Washington in October. I did restart it in February, but I was pretty disheartened with, frankly, how ugly it was, so decided to order a fancy new boo from Japan and waited for a month for it. As it arrived a few days before the end of March, I began mapping out my April spreads and prepped for making a beautiful attempt at bringing the bujo back (in my life). Anyway *touch wood* it’s going pretty well, and I’ve been sharing my work on the above mentioned studyblr.

Here are a few little examples of the things I get up to over there:

If you want to give me a follow, I’m just over here!

I’m thinking of sharing some bits and bobs over here- not as much. I do love posting little pictures there but I think this blog may take a little more educational turn- and I’m thinking of aye posting, in contrast, a few more Lush and beauty bits?

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