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Kindness is golden

On Thursday night, it was my ‘Leavers’ dinner’; the occasion to say goodbye to many humans who have influenced my life, even if just in passing.
Although I am not actually leaving WGGS this year due to health reasons, my illnesses do not erase the fact I have been a part of this year group for the past 7 years, hence why I turned up.
Another person who turned up spite leaving this year was my old form tutor- Ms Chandler, ex-head of RS at my school in fact retired last year after 36 years as Head of Department and over 40 years teaching at my school; I was shocked to hear another teacher tell me she feared no one would listen to her! We all absolutely adore her.
I was gutted when she left being my form tutor at the end of year 12. She was the sweetest human being you could ever cross paths with, so it was more than lovely to see her again!
When she left she gave every member of our form a gift- mine was a beautiful heart shaped trinket box with a pink rose on top, and it’s sat on my desk since. It just gives off such a message of care, and I’ve used it as hope, inspiration and strength through tough times, as she always looked after us. This time, she cared for our entire year- even those that she doesn’t know.
I think it says something that since receiving this gift, it hasn’t left my sight. It was something I needed, and I’m sure will support me now and forever.
The gift we all received from Ms Chandler was a little trinket bag full of meaningful, metaphorical gifts.

Each bag had a quote attached and included 2 candles, 2 sweets, and a balloon; below describes what each object means;

  • The quote– each individual to ensure they were personal. I think this is very reflective of me as I frequently allow my depression and other mental health issues totally engulf the good and disappear, when in fact I frequently still have a good time despite it.
  • The candles– The candles are, of course, to light. The light is meant to be a representation of hope and shines for the future as we are ‘the females of the future’.
  • The sweets- a general de-stress treat for during exams, and a reminder that one day, life will be sweet.
  • The balloon- referred to as a balloon of luck. I know i’m going to keep mine and blow it up before letting the air out in times of need.
  • A golden bag- to store all of our golden moments, golden memories in (watch out for a following post on the golden memories topic).

Not only was it incredibly adorable to think of us this way, but the effort and thoughtfulness put into each handmade bag made me sob.

Even though as an RS teacher, she touched on a lot of religious things (and not being religious myself they have not stuck with me), kindness has no religion, no skin colour, no gender. Kindness is universal and it really perks up your day. I know this gift will massively impact me in the future.

Earlier that day, I actually met someone else whose kindness influenced me. She came into work and was just such an angel. Just chatting to her made my day and her kindness and willingness to bond with a total stranger made a shitty day somewhat more tolerable. Not only her kindness made me smile, but as she was so lovely, I gave her a Random Act of Kindness (which, if you have been into Lush before/regularly you may have received) and she was over the moon.I found a ‘sleepy’ body lotion (which we only sell at Christmas) and gave it to her as a gift, and as her favourite, she was over the moon. Knowing this made me smile so much (Melanie, if you’re reading this, enjoy your sleepy and thank you for making my day!). Not only this, but 2 hours of my shift was spent cutting and wrapping more than a whole soap into hundreds of average sized pieces of soap (probably around 200g each) to be delivered to a homeless shelter the next day. This made me so happy as, Lush Watford having done this before, people who used to be homeless have come in and told us how much they loved the soap and were grateful. Knowing we make a difference and don’t ‘just sell soap’ makes me so happy.
Anyway, kindness is free, so go out there and spread it! Trust me when I tell you, it can be super rewarding personally, and even if not to you, it willlikely have a huge impact on other people.

Love always, Lauren xxx

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