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Lush DIY: Shower gel

After not having the most amazing Monday, I decided to do some Lush DIY and count it as ‘self care’. (I’d wanted to do it for some time and needed a distraction more than anything)

I chose to turn my favourite shower jelly ‘Deep Sleep’ (from the Lush Kitchen) into a shower gel! I only had about 1/3 of the 240g pot left and for a 60g bottle maybe only used 1/3 of that, so I still have my sacred DS jelly left but now my own gel creation, too!

Instead of following Jen’s DIY (which I have followed before and 100000000% I can vouch it is WONDERFUL) I followed a recipe I saw on instagram* this morning purely due to ingredients.

*(I can’t remember who at the current but if I find out they surely will be credited!) 

So, I will share this recipe with you, too:

  • Shower jelly of your choice
  • Water
  1. Mush up cubed pieces of shower jelly until totally mashed.
  2. Boil the kettle.
  3. Add drips of the hot kettle water into the mashed mixture.
  4. Microwave for no longer than 5-10 seconds (at a time) and check the liquid.
  5. The jelly will somewhat melt and merge with the water.
  6. Pour this mixture into your bottle.
  7. The gel may seem a more jelly mixture at points. If this happens, shake the bottle gently and it will return to the perfect gel consistency.


So, I find that this gel lathers a lot more than normal shower gels. I’ve since tried it and genuinely needed no more than a pea size lump for shower gel!

I can assure you that making lush DIYs is very therapeutic and if I had more bottles I would make tonnes. I’m so happy to possess a Deep Sleep shower gel now and plan on making many, many more.

I hope you have fun making Lush DIYs yourself! Love always, Lauren xxx

Disclaimer: My lovely boss Aida has informed me of the risks when using this method. Be aware not to use water for large quantity DIYs as there are not enough preservatives in lush products to stop bacteria from coming in, so larger amounts/that aren’t going to be used straight away are a lot safer being done Jen’s way! I also have to say I much prefer the consistency when using shower gel to make the DIY (that recipe is linked earlier on) but this is just an alt for small amounts!

PS: If you too love lush, I have a lush vid up on my YouTube, live today, so feel free to check it out! (For some reason it won’t load. Watch this space)

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