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Little things, big hearts.

Warning: This post contains mentions of real emotionsREAL EMOTIONS. Beware.

Hello lovely humans! So, I’ve got to say, this week really has not been the best. Heck, it seems like it’s been the worst. Just one bad thing after another. But I have been trying to turn that around in any way I can; working through it, getting myself out of the house, being surrounded by people so I feel less alone. To some extent, it has helped, but it has really been the actions of other people that have meant a lot to me. As I remember being inspired by my friend Louise to do a gratitude post a while back, I thought.. do you know what I need? I need to do it again. But this time more people focused.

Disclaimer: If you’re not mentioned, it’s not a personal thing. I very much appreciate you. This is very specific to this week.

To Sharon, the always-smiley barista in the Starbucks in Watford for giving me a free coffee, totally unexplained. It was a beautiful cup of coffee and the sentiment that came with it was much appreciated.

To the Lush destashers that sold me two Lush bombs (exclusive kitchen bath ballistics i’ve wanted for ages) and Celebr       ate from the Japan kitchen. I am in love with them both and a Karma/Lush/Celebrate bath totally got me through one of the toughest days this week.

To the Disney store for their incredible pride campaign and lovely staff members who are more than happy to talk about pride. Thank you for continually making Disney magical.

To Georgina and Gee for the livestream they did earlier this week and being the nicest human ever on it. I love your friendship. Thank you, too, for the constant validation you seem to be fueling  me with recently, it means a lot.

To Emily: We hadn’t spoken in years so now messaging again means a lot, you’re super lovely and we’re super similar and being invited out makes me feel super included too, so thank you.

To Emma, who constantly sends me love and support and solid adult advice when I’m least expecting it. This is more a year round appreciation as we may not speak that frequently anymore but every interaction is so, so important to me. You never fail to make me feel a sense of hope. Lots of love x

To Lucy  for being my absolute rock for the past 6 or so months, and giving me adult advice (despite being 6 months or so younger than me) as well as amazing amounts of love and support.

To Amy, my lovely colleague who has just been super positive and lovely, whether i’ve been working or a customer. To Claire and Zahra for all the hugs and putting up with my endless rambling.

To Beth and Fran, and Polly and Isi: Thank you for sending me messages of love and support, for checking up on me, and being the most amazing friends a girl can ask for. I appreciate you more than anything.

To Anenti for doing normal things with me (shopping and coffee), especially after not having really spoken to you for the whole exam period. I felt less alone and totally great in your company.

To Mollie: Despite being friends for years and years, recently we’d barely even spoken, but in a time of need you listened to my fears, gave me wise advice, sent me validating messages and supported me even when I took hours to reply to your messages.

To Adie for being my absolute favourite person, for making me laugh and being  great friend, for the hugs, and for dying my hair with Henna yesterday. For the first time in a while I feel hair-confident and more like myself again. To Adie’s mum for just everything. My favourite sass-queen who is still full of validation and basically the most amazing person ever. I’ve only met you twice but you’re incredibly cool.

To Saskia for so many things. So many. For buying me a smoothie, for socialising with me, for going charity shopping with me, for getting ice cream with me (the best remedy), and for being an amazing best friend.

To Adelaide, for letting me cry down the phone to you when you were enjoying a night out. For checking up on me to see if i’m okay, for sending me loving messages, and generally, for being an amazing best friend.

To Hannah, spiritually you have helped me through this week. Tomorrow it will be a year since we lost you, and knowing your year-on memorial is on sunday has helped me through this week. I miss you and I can’t wait to celebrate your life with many of your other friends.

There are so many other people who have made me smile this week, so thank you for that too (undoubtedly going out with Felicity, Soley and Krishma tonight will bring my spirits up), but little things are so important. In a time of darkness, without these little acts, without these people, things would be very different. So, thank you.

Just remember that something you say or do can impact someone more than imaginable- kindness is free, so remember to gift it and accept any you recieve.

I hope you’ve all had a lovely week. Feel free to drop me a message on my personal or blog’s Instagram (yes, I have two now!) or on twitter. My door is open and my ears are here to listen.

Love always, Lauren xxx




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