LGBT, politics

Glückwünsche Deutschland!

Liebe ist Liebe. Love is love.

Yesterday, the courts of Germany made a very, very important choice: to legalise gay marriage.

It’s almost shocking to think it wasn’t legal before- sometimes it’s easy to forget that not long ago it wasn’t legal in our own country. For over 3/4 of my life, LGBT marriage was illegal, and I’m only 18- our own progressive bill was not introduced long ago. Plus, if you have a look at Europe and the general state of the world, it’s fair to say that Germany is a fairly liberal country (despite the fact Merkel voted against this bill, which was very upsetting to hear).

Any big or little step towards equality is so important, whether defined by legislation or merely attitudes, in liberal or ‘traditional’ (the latter being questionable as it can frequently be an excuse to be homophobic when there is no excuse), and that’s why I’m congratulating Germany.

Germany is a beautiful place, and now they’re accepting love, all kinds of love, I find it much more beautiful, more magical. I really hope I can return some day and celebrate love and diversity with them.

Love always, Lauren xxx

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