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For Hannah; A tribute, one year on.

A year and two days ago we lost the beautiful soul that is Hannah Baqar.

Many of you may recognise her name- either from me mentioning her before or because she was the top Clara Oswald cosplayer and quite frankly the nicest person in the Doctor Who fandom. She was my first ever friend in the doctor who fandom, 4 or 5 years ago now and got me into cosplay and many other things surrounding my favourite show.  Hannah was always there for everyone and calling her my friend gave me so much happiness and pride.


Credit to Melissa Collier: This candle was lit outside one of Hannah’s favourite Doctor Who flming locations, St Paul’s Cathedral, on Saturday, the anniversary of her passing.

Yesterday, at Watford Comic Con, a candle lighting memorial event was arranged in her memory and it was so beautiful. Personalised candles were made by Melissa and Brian for this ceremony and there were also multiple TARDIS blue candlesticks. I, as the other cosplayers, held one of these candlesticks alight for the silence. Following this, we all proceeded to sonic the sky in memory of Hannah. It was a beautiful ceremony.

Hannah’s father also attended and it was so lovely to speak to him about the memories of Hannah and how loved she was and still is. Having him there meant a lot to us all.

The ceremony was beautiful and just how I expect Hannah would have wanted it. Following this and the emotional hugs, we continued with our day at the con, chatting away to Colin Baker, messing around in the TARDIS… Just as Hannah would have wanted.

I actually cosplayed for the first time in over a year (having lost confidence in it) because of Hannah, and showing up there as a Clara made me feel immense pride.

For the first time last week, the sun shone. I don’t know how far I believe in spirituality but I do to some extent, and I really do believe this blessing of sun was Hannah looking down on us, showing she too was at the candle service. Just like last year when the sun shone through the heavy rain.

So many of us miss Hannah dearly but she will always be in our hearts.

I love you millions Hannah, keep shining up there.

Love always, Lauren xxx

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