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Doctor Who: A series review

I’m writing this post, about to watch the last episode of series 10 of ‘Doctor Who’, after a jam packed day with other people who love the show.

I have to be honest, towards the end of series 9 I had lost a little hope; I was hanging onto Doctor Who, the show I’ve been (I guess you could say) obsessed with for years by a thread- a Clara Oswald shaped thread.

When Pearl Mackie was announced as the new companion just over a year ago however, I was over the moon. I adored her when I saw her on stage and she was one of the kindest souls I’d ever met, so I couldn’t believe the luck the show had in it’s boots.

Still, I was skeptical. The writing (in my opinion) hadn’t been fantastic and if it was all about the companion I wouldn’t be barely clinging to Who as everyone knows how I adore Clara Oswald and Jenna Coleman herself, plus I love Peter Capaldi (I think I can safely say he’s my favourite doctor).

Turns out I had nothing to worry about.

I truly did not find one episode of this series ‘dull’, or ‘bad’ and thoroughly enjoyed them all. Not only were the storylines and, what I’ve seen of the story arc so far, amazing, but there was LGBT and WoC representation, and I have no bones to pick with it.

I really do once more feel enthused as a part of the Doctor Who fandom and am proud to call myself a fan.

Also, after the Watford con and cosplaying with amazing people, I have been more than encouraged to get back into cosplaying, so watch this space.

Watch this space for a post-finale blog post centred around Pride and Bill’s sexuality and the importance of that representation, too. 

What were your thoughts? I hope you enjoyed it too!

Love always, Lauren xxx

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